14 Days to a Better You – Days 7 to 9

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Welcome back from me….the days have just flown past this weekend and now it’s Tuesday and desperately wanted to write up another update.

It’s been a tough weekend, as our little dude has been very poorly due to MMR vacinations taking the toll on him – so with trips to Out-of-hours doctor, lots of Calpol, lots of cuddles, lack of sleep – the end appears to be in sight which is wonderful.  I love to see him smile and to see him crying constantly because of a high fever and not interested in the world broke my heart.

I love my little family very much, and the sweetest thing was after a particular tough night of lack of sleep, crying baby from 4am onwards, my husband just simply came into room and gave me a cuddle & kiss before he left for work.  That is all it takes to make things better and know that I’m appreciated and loved when it all seems very hard.  Balancing work life and motherhood/parenthood is not very easy, and sometimes can seem like a thank-less task – but I am very lucky to have people who notice I’m there around me.  They are my world.

Back to the fitness – well wonderful news is that I absolutely see a difference in my body now as a result of the past week.  Honestly, my tummy is getting tighter and I am still loving my routine of rowing, kettle bells, HIIT, its really good fun to sweat the stresses away!  Another gym session under my belt tonight, so that is me back full steam ahead in this week and hoping to get another 3 or 4 in before the week ends.

Signed up for another 5km run in August as my goal challenge to beat my 36 minute time from last one – so watch as I focus my running efforts towards this goal.  Best get a plan in place, eh?

Eating wise, I’m going to see if I can really step it up this week ahead…less carbs and more water.  I am not a fan of the whole “no carbs” idea as I don’t believe this is healthy to pretend to your body you are starving away – I would rather have a diet I can keep moving forward.

Look out for more updates then to follow.

Love MFF xx

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