14 Days to a Better You – Day 6

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Another day and it’s the freakin weekend people!

Our little dude hasn’t been very well today and overnight last night, due to his MMR vaccinations taking effect. Not too much fun for him so it can be a struggle to entertain and remove cries where possible.

This morning though healthy cereal for breakfast with time spent running around the house and out to sell our first car together. Sad times.

We also had a extended family dinner tonight for my great Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary – and the food was good compared to what I cook in the house and overall didn’t feel overloaded after the meal.

Managed to get a good gym session squeezed into the afternoon during nap time so that was a bonus too!

Overall though this week hasn’t been too bad and actually good for me – thinking though I might step it up another gear for last remaining 7 day blast. Watch this space!

Love MFF xx

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