Jennifer Thomson (aka Mamafurfur)

I’m a Scottish, Award-winning Youtuber, Content Creator, best-selling Author, Digital Product Creator and Entrepreneur.

I help passionate people go from financial stress to money success through my videos, blogs and online courses.

I know what it takes to change from being overwhelmed and struggling in debt to having multiple income sources, all within a short space of time; giving you a life of more choices.

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Youtube is my first home, where I started sharing content exclusively regarding Money and Financial success in the UK, which began March 2018.

Helping everyone achieve time and financial freedom is my passion, and every week I aim to deliver 1-2 videos that discuss current topics and practical strategies to get the most out of your money and design life as you want it.

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I’ve created online courses to help you with your financial knowledge (Budgeting & Investing) and even create a Youtube Channel (if you fancy a new side hustle idea).

With these tools and educational items, my goal is to help you achieve financial & time freedom in a real practical way.

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I have created spreadsheets which I use myself to track my budgets, debt management and wealth, that you can have in your household too. Download directly to your PC today!

I also have some free resources on this site to help you run some quick calculations, which will assist with simple detail on on how far your money can go.

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