14 Days to a Better You – Days 11 & 12

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Well I can honestly say I don’t know where the time has gone.

Another few days closer to my 14 days of pushing my fitness and health and it doesn’t feel weird anymore. Instead it feels as if I have actually changed my eating diet and exercise attitude full stop. That is quite a wonderful thing.

Today has been a true test though of will power as I’m not feeling very well and would be easy to just each comfort food. Not given in to it yet and I’m pretty sure I will be fine.

Tonight I plan to do our food planning for the next month ahead actually which is quite a mammoth task. I love my freezer for storing meats and veg for quick dinners and feel I want to see just how much of the month I can use stuff that’s in there for dinners. After all, that means food shopping budget is lower for this month then I can restock. Kinda a good cycle to get into.

One thing Hubbie and me have noticed is that we aren’t going through fizzy juices and bad things obviously which has saved our money. We have a cupboard full of stuff still rather than needing to top up each start of month. It’s all been very interesting.

Little dude is also completely better from his illness post vaccinations so that makes life even better. I hate when people I love aren’t well – I can just cope with myself getting on with things when poorly. And even I get on my own nerves.

Watch this space – the end of 14 days is nearly here. Shame really :0(

Love MFF xx

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