Jennifer Thomson (Mamafurfur)

Who am I?

I’m a working Mama in the fast paced IT industry specialising in Global Client Computing Sales and Account Management working in the two biggest Technology Companies in the World for over 12 years.  Educationally I hold a Master of Engineering in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, a Member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology, a Princes Trust volunteer, and a STEM UK ambassador

This blog is my passion project to help others, and I am honoured to have won the title of “UK Money Vlogger (Youtube Creator) 2018” by UK Money Bloggers group, finalist nominated for “Best Finance Blog” at the UK Blog Awards 2019 and the UK Money Bloggers Micro-Influencer of the Year 2019.

In January 2019, I released my first book titled “The Master Money Blueprint: How to master your money and Create a Powerful Money Mindset” on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.  This book is filled with 26 key principles around the topic of money mindset with practical advice that I believe will allow us to create financial and time freedom whatever their stage in life.

I’m the creator of a number of Financial products to help others that I started when I was looking for these tools for my own financial freedom family journey.

The product is a collection of Spreadsheets that allows anyone to budget/spend their money smarter each month focusing on their goals and dreams; detailed debt repayment models to use based on your situation with Debt-free date indicators to motivate you; Sinking/Saving fund target and progress tracker and a Financial Freedom Exact amount calculator and date predictor.

What’s my passion?

My personal passion is to help others manage their money like any other relationship in their lives, and create a life of financial and time freedom.  I believe when people have their time and freedom back, then they truly can make a difference in the world rather than distracted by what the world believes is important instead.

I believe ANY BUDGET can achieve financial freedom (living completely off investments and business ideas without needing to work officially) and it is all about knowing the right tools that can make it happen.

That is my mission to share those mindset and tools that will change lives.

What motivates me?

I am a Single Mum to two young boys and two cats.

I know that other parents and individuals might be struggling to balance family commitments and put food on the table.  I want to give them as much information as possible to create financial security and freedom, so that they can create the life they truly want without those stresses and pain.

My motto is to Love your family, Work hard and Live passionately.

How can you reach me?

Reach out to me on my personal Twitter & Instragram feeds @mamafurfur

Want to work with me?

If you feel I would be a good fit for your brand , please reach out to me on j[email protected] to discuss further.

In the past I have worked with brands to provide bespoke Facebook Live training to exclusive membership groups; lead business and employee discussions; mentored starter business entrepreneurs to name a few.  I am always happy to consider new opportunities based on the value I can give to your company/brand and the value to my time.

As my family and time are important to me,  any travel outside of local Glasgow area would also need to be covered with any fees for paid work.



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