7 Ways to have a Millionaire Mindset

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Have you got a “Millionaire Mindset”?

Our thoughts and actions are more powerful than we realise, and just how we choose to think could hinder your riches in life in one way or another.

How do you feel about money truly?

Do you feel stressed because you are over your head in debt, and living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to show?

Do you feel an abundance of money that you can do anything you want in life at any time?

Let’s change all that today and know the key mindset strategies you need to change how you feel about money.

Then of course it is up to you to put it into action and take control of your riches.

// We create our own life and not passive in it

Rich people believe they create their own life and responsible completely for how it turns out.

Poor people tend to believe that life happens to them, and they are a product of their environment and luck only.

We need to believe that we are fully in control of our own lives, to be successful in any aspect we choose and this includes money management.

// Luck and chance do not factor in to if you are rich or not

Poor people tend to believe their chances of being rich in life will come down to a lottery win or similar big competition pay out.

That isn’t the case and if you aim to save into your Pension, retirement funds or just plain investment savings at least 10% you will have enough money to live off quite happily and more by retirement age.

New to Investing or how to start working on your future – let me show you how here.

If you put in more effort and increase that to even 15-25% of your pre-tax wage amount, you will have more than enough money to consider a far more luxurious lifestyle than you have right now.

Do the maths and be sure to know the power of compound interest on your savings and money.

// Pay yourself in the future first, then spend the rest

Rich people save for their future and buy investments first then spend the rest of their money.

Poorer people tend to spend as they wish and then save the small amount left over.

Make a plan in place to know how much you want to save each pay check and make sure you do that first.

Even better do it on autopilot with Direct Debits or standing orders, or have money to your pension straight from your wage each month.

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// Only buy what you can afford right now

We all know the best advice we wished we had taken was to only pay for items you had the money in your account for that day.

The only exception for getting into debt should be your home and education.

Look to purchase everything with money you have and not using credit cards or loans.

Add to your assets rather than your liabilities and you will be a millionaire before you know it.

// No Blame Game in sight

Blaming others or your circumstances will not encourage success and positivity into your life.

By always blaming someone else or something else – such as the Boss won’t give you a pay raise that is why you are broke, or the government aren’t paying enough benefits, or the economy is going down hill – will put energy towards you not taking responsibility for your financial situation.

Where ever you live, someone is rich and has usually got there in the same or worst life circumstances.

It is always possible to change your financial mindset and success and look to what you can control first.

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// Millionaires don’t justify their bad spending habits, they fix them

When alot of money is at stake they make sure every pound counts and is working for them not against them.

Bad spending habits when you are little money are only amplified when you have more, and this is why you often find professional footballers or boxers declared bankrupt unless they learn how to manage their new cash flows from the start.

If you find you spend all your money too easily, now is the time to correct that habit.

Learn a new habit of waiting 24 hours before making a purchase that you really want.

Take time to research if there is a better price elsewhere, or use a comparison site to find a discount code.

Your actions and habits can be easily fixed so that you are using your money as wisely as possible, regardless of the amount.

// They don’t complain about lack of money, they look for opportunities to expand

Complaining and moaning is not good for your health or your mindset.

If you speak negativity all the time, or are reactive to everything in life, you will increase your stress and more likely do damage to your health in the long run.

Focus on what the problem is but only so that you can make a plan on opportunities to remove the problem completely as quickly as possible.

If debt is making you stressed – attack it with a plan to look and make other sources of money happen to pay it off today.

Negative energy is infectious and most people prefer to complain than take action, but it’s your chance to change your mindset in preparation for better.

// How about a challenge?

Could you not complain for the next 7 days about your money mindset and instead do a task each day to change it?

Let me help you on your way with my 7 Day AutoPilot Money Challenge, a free course and workbook you can get below.

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