Family Kindness Elves: 3rd & 4th December #blogmas

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This year our family is having a daily challenge where we do something kind for others.  Each day on the lead up to Christmas our challenge will vary but the reason will always be the same – to show someone that we care in a unique way.

Wednesday 3rd December’s task was to “Hold a Family Movie Night” and it was great fun.  We are lucky enough to be huge geeks in our household to have a Projector screen for using when the evenings are right for such movie delights – and last night we got it out just in time to watch it together.  It was the first time that Little Dude had properly noticed the screen before, and whilst Husband was setting up and Peppa Pig was on the screen, his eyes lit up with excitement.  Truly a moment to cherish with laughter!



Thursday 4th December’s task was to “Make and deliver Homemade Treats” and so with homemade cakes in hand, I gave my work colleagues a little gift to make the morning easier when facing with those customers.  Something simple but everyone always loves something homemade, as it tastes so much better when you know someone has put effort and thought into it.



I’m thoroughly enjoying the daily tasks this Festive season, and although it is only the start – it is something we all look forward to each day and one that is definitely a conversation starter as we make sure we complete the task as best as we can.

Here’s to many more to go….

If you would like to join us, please have a look at my original blog post on the idea

Love MFF xx

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