#EarlyBirdChallenge : Can a Mama wake up even earlier and find benefit? Follow-up Part 1

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The last few weeks I’ve been looking at all aspects of my life to make them better.

Sleep.  I love sleep.  I’m a Mama who has grown to love sleep more than anything sometimes as with little people you never seem to have that “rested” feeling as you are always woken up by a human alarm clock.

I’ve teamed up with the team at Free Office Finder who want to give people the option of a better balance to life – whether that is finding the perfect place to work but also in their personal life too.

What did you do with your morning?

I have really enjoyed many aspects of getting up slightly earlier than I normally used to, mainly I have found great pleasure and content in the stillness of the house with no noise and just letting the day slowly start.  It might just be as I’m getting up first without being “woken” by other distractions, but even getting the chance to see the sun slowly come up on the Winter-y (they are in Glasgow already) is a joy.  I love nothing more than opening a window and feeling the cold air against my face to wake me up.

This week we have a small getaway planned with my side of the family, my parents and my sister’s family with some more little ones.  I am excited to be part of the early mornings with them, as the location will be right on Loch Lomond and very much in the deep countryside of beautiful Scotland.

We also have the opportunity to try Jet Ski-ing, and exercising with the little ones in the open air – it will no doubt bring lots of excitement memories this weekend.

I’m also wanting to set myself a challenge this week – to get up early and exercise first thing.  That will be hard.  I’ve been doing great with my fitness the past few weeks, and consistently doing HIIT or running 3 or 4 times a week, and really seeing a difference in my body and fitness levels.  The tough part though is giving up lying in bed knowing that it is to exercise rather than have a slow morning.

I’m sure I can do it though, and owe it all to the mentality of this challenge.  Really is a great motivation for me.

I look forward to seeing what else I will achieve in the early mornings ahead…

What would you change about your mornings currently?  Could you take the #EarlyBirdChallenge and find a difference too?

Love MFF xx

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