My Summer “Let’s make it a good one” List

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Summer is nearly here, or in Scotland as the kids are now off school it is already here….and I wanted to ensure it’s the best one yet for us.

I have a thought to put together a “Bucket List” type thing, but more of a “Let’s make it a good one” so that we can look back and see how much fun and achievements we had along the way.  I love to set myself goals and also to set our family a check list of fun things to try, new things to do, places to go – all together.  It works a treat, as our weekends are never dull and very rarely do we have lots of free time bored.

So here it is, and I look forward to blogging about each one of these along the weeks, and really it’s not a lot of time to do them so we need to get planning.  So excited!

Our Summer “Let’s Make it a Good One in 2014” List

  • I want to pass my CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) Test for riding motorbikes.

Yep my Dad and Husband love to ride them, and now I want to show them I can do it too.  Surely it can’t be that hard?  Watch this space……

  •  Attend our first Music/Comedy festival

This year we have booked up in advance to go to my first ever festival, Latitude.  Reason for that one is that little dude is going to Grandparents for that weekend, and it matched perfectly.  So we are all set, tickets purchased, car shall have petrol and we will set off. Blog to follow…

  • Both Hubbie and me to complete a 5km race and improve our fitness over the coming weeks in preparation.

Signed up today no less for JogScotland 5km race in Glasgow on Sunday 3rd August.  Let’s see if I can beat my time of 36 mins from May 2014 and Race for Life, Glasgow.

  •  Stay in Wigwams for the weekend

Another pre-booked up experience, where we have decided to go away for the weekend and stay in a Wigwam. Never done this before, but it seems like great fun getting into the open air.  We are considering getting a tent to go on weekend holidays as a family, and think this will be a great introduction.

  • Go to the beach

Little Dude has never been to a beach yet in this 12 months of life (Scotland doesn’t really do sunshine sometimes) but I want to see if we can do this

  • Have a picnic outside
  • Visit a new city in Scotland
  • Have a BBQ


Now all these things may require some luck with the weather for us, but fingers crossed we can do it.  8 challenges in 6 odd weeks shouldn’t really be a problem for us, and I can’t wait to have some fun doing them.

Watch this space!

Love MFF xx

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