Mummy Blogger: What is YOUR brand?

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If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it at all
Albert Einstein

What is YOUR brand?

This is the very question that was posed to me today in a working environment with regards to how we do our daily job for the company I work for.  But I took it personally, rather it made me sit and ponder what about me as my own brand in life? What does your life say about you, about how you want to be regarded by others you meet & don’t meet personally, and the future life you have as a result? Every action we take affects us and those around us positively or negatively. With every interaction you have with your loved ones, the people you work with, the words you write on your blog/twitter etc etc – people are using this information to characterise your brand – exactly what you stand for and how they will regard you in the future. Within your life, how you are regarded as a Woman, Wife, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Worker and etc is based on how you have behaved or responded to others in the past.  It is also affected by those same things in the future, and is constantly evolving and potentially you can change to be good or bad. If a company wanted to show you how important you are to them, that you should trust them in the future and they care about you – they would seem to go the “extra mile” each time you interact with them.  They would listen because it is you, rather than because it’s about them getting the better deal.  They would help problem solve for your future to be smoother and drive out inefficiencies proving they can give you long term value by choosing them in future.

Success comes from doing the small things well – every time.

If you provide consistency, commitment & focus to everything you do – you will get the best results in your life.  That should be the main drive for your brand of YOU. Maybe today I needed to hear this simple message again about how life really is a collection of experiences for others and myself included, and I really hope I make a difference in the things that matter.  I hope to focus on the stuff that is important and people that are important, and “drive out those inefficiencies” 🙂
Love MFF xx

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