#MealPlanMonday – Week of 3rd November 2014

It’s #MealPlanMonday time again…only slightly later than normal sorry! (fancy taking part, check this out)

This is another week of healthy eating controlled diet and my new outlook to completely plan my entire eating from meals to snacks.  This will help me prep meals and plan my weekly shopping – with the goal to get healthier.

Here is what we will be planning on eating this week:

  Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Snack Exercise
Monday Special K Chicken & Cheese Omelette, Garlic Hot Sauce on top Red Grapes Slow Cooked Pork with Soya beans and Veg Shape yogurt
Tuesday Aldi Special K Red Grapes Soup & Warburton Thins Toffee Rice cakes Baked Cobbler and Veg Rice Shape Yogurt and Fruit
Wednesday Protein Shake (pre gym) Pancakes & Strawberries Leftovers from dinner Cashew nuts Turkey Spag Bolg, Fresh pasta Shape yogurt Gym session 7.30am
Thursday Weetabix Apple Bagel & Cream Cheese Toffee Rice Cakes Baked Salmon, Soy Sauce and Veg Noodles Fruit Insanity 7pm
Friday Protein Shake (pre gym) Grapes Green Pesto Pasta with Chicken Chewy bar  Steak & Curly Fries Yogurt Gym session 12noon
Saturday Pancakes & Fruit Fruit & Cucumber Beans on toast with cheese, Yogurt Toffee Rice cakes Duck with Chow Mein Yogurt, Rivita snack
Sunday Bacon & Eggs Cashew nuts Make our own pizzas with Warburton Thins, Yogurts Cream Cheese on crackers M&S Pork & Chorizo Pie Toffee Rice cakes

My food bill for this week was just over £42 combined for 2 adults & 1 Little person.  Majority purchased at Aldi with brands purchased from Morrisons and M&S.  Meat was purchased on End of day discounts exclusively this week, so very cheap and then frozen till needed.

All meals will be made from scratch apart from M&S Pork & Chorizo Pie which is pre-made shop bought.

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