#MealPlanMonday – Week of 3rd November 2014

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It’s #MealPlanMonday time again…only slightly later than normal sorry! (fancy taking part, check this out)

This is another week of healthy eating controlled diet and my new outlook to completely plan my entire eating from meals to snacks.  This will help me prep meals and plan my weekly shopping – with the goal to get healthier.

Here is what we will be planning on eating this week:

MondaySpecial KChicken & Cheese Omelette, Garlic Hot Sauce on topRed GrapesSlow Cooked Pork with Soya beans and VegShape yogurt
TuesdayAldi Special KRed GrapesSoup & Warburton ThinsToffee Rice cakesBaked Cobbler and Veg RiceShape Yogurt and Fruit
WednesdayProtein Shake (pre gym)Pancakes & StrawberriesLeftovers from dinnerCashew nutsTurkey Spag Bolg, Fresh pastaShape yogurtGym session 7.30am
ThursdayWeetabixAppleBagel & Cream CheeseToffee Rice CakesBaked Salmon, Soy Sauce and Veg NoodlesFruitInsanity 7pm
FridayProtein Shake (pre gym)GrapesGreen Pesto Pasta with ChickenChewy bar Steak & Curly FriesYogurtGym session 12noon
SaturdayPancakes & FruitFruit & CucumberBeans on toast with cheese, YogurtToffee Rice cakesDuck with Chow MeinYogurt, Rivita snack
SundayBacon & EggsCashew nutsMake our own pizzas with Warburton Thins, YogurtsCream Cheese on crackersM&S Pork & Chorizo PieToffee Rice cakes

My food bill for this week was just over £42 combined for 2 adults & 1 Little person.  Majority purchased at Aldi with brands purchased from Morrisons and M&S.  Meat was purchased on End of day discounts exclusively this week, so very cheap and then frozen till needed.

All meals will be made from scratch apart from M&S Pork & Chorizo Pie which is pre-made shop bought.

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