Family Kindness Elves: Things we are thankful for…

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Today’s Family Kindness Elves challenge involves writing a list of things we are thankful for and displaying it.  And what permentant and prominent way of “displaying” the list than on the blog for all to see.

Our life is one that I know is blessed with goods things so writing this isn’t going to be hard.  When you look at other people’s struggles or what life involves, sometimes it makes you thankful for what you have.

Christmas is a season that right now seems to be all about how “magical” you can make it aka getting all the exactly right food, exactly right presents, exactly right homemade decorations…heaven forbid if you should actually forget to do your “Elf on the Shelf” whilst you try to finish your 12 hour shift at work…you get the point.

Often I find the madness and panic of the build up to Christmas, witnessing others fight each other over car park spaces at the latest and greatest shopping centre, saddening.  Something does long to have a simplier life than one that is controlled by having “stuff” and pressures to be seen as perfect.  That is definitely something this year has taught me and hopefully I have changed slightly to be less materialistic.

Anyway….the task at hand…

Our Christmas Thankful List 2014

Our warm house that is filled with fun and laughter

Our good health

Good health and safety for those we love around us

A way to make money

Food in our cupboards and fridge

Transport so that we can explore the world

Supportive family so that we feel loved

2 cats that teach us lots of interesting ways to sleep each day

Living in a wonderful area with lots of countryside near by to take in nature and stillness

Some savings for a rainy day….even though that might be closer than planned

A Little Dude that teaches me how to be a better person each day

A Big Husband who teaches me how to be a better person each day


Freedom to express myself in any way I wish and feel safe to do so


May your Christmas remind you of the many things in life which are good, and I hope you have a Thankful Christmas time this year and many years to come.

Love MFF xx

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