It’s been a long August….

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Today has been the day that I have had a chance to reflect on life the past month.

It’s been a funny old time of things, to put it black & white, and a month of August that I didn’t quite imagine would end up the way it did.

I was looking back to the “To-Do list” I created at the start of July, and it pleased me to see that I have achieved a good few things on that list….with one extra life lesson.

I felt pure joy when I found out I was pregnant with our second child.

Then with in a similar short space of time, a total of three weeks, I felt a mixture of emotions when we found out that actually it was an ectopic pregnancy and the medical process of getting myself well again.  I want to write about that particular experience in more detail in a dedicated post in the next few days, in the hope it helps someone else going through it and also to get out the whole experience in words for me.

During experiences in life like those, when you know you need to “toughen up” or let it take hold of you completely, I have heard a wide range of comments round about me.  I struggle when people judge or label me, as I am sure most people would admit, but it has been interesting to hear a spectrum of views also on the situation from the outside.

I’ve heard people say….

they are sorry for my loss;

they are thinking of me;

they are proud of me;

keep positive and believe it can work out ok;

I’ve had an easier time of the process than others might;

to rest and take care;

to phone whenever I needed someone to talk to;

to suck it up;

this could be normal;

this is non-viable;

it is for the best….

And so with those observations, I note, none are my own comments on the situation and I haven’t added if I agree or disagree with them.

This world offers us a range of situations in life, and we can make it through them all however happy, however cruel, however joyous, however sad.  That is what humans do, and we all can do that wonderfully.

Words are powerful, we should use them only for good as we never know what other words people are hearing outwith our control.  Perhaps this life experience will teach me that very lesson a little deeper….

Love MFF xx

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