My “17 things to do before I’m 34” Challenge – Final update

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Two weeks ago now, I decided that in the final 17 days before I reached the grand old age of 34 yrs old, it deserved a challenge list to squeeze in those last few moments of excitement of officially being only just 33 yrs old.

The list I came up with wasn’t too long, 17 items one for each day, and progress on it should have been straight forward.

And yesterday the big day arrived….my 34th Birthday indeed and it was wonderful.  I have spent the weekend with the ones I love, and with a renewed sense of what matters in life.  I asked for no presents at all this year, but instead the things that filled my birthday were special because they meant something to me.  I got to spend them with my family and precious things.

Back to that list though… did I do then in the end?  Interesting reading, and I’m sure I could have achieved more but time felt like it was against me rather quickly.

Here were my top 17 things to do:

  1. Be a tourist for the day in Glasgow – didn’t happen, BUT I really want to do this soon!
  2. Blog every day – failed already but trying hard to blog as much as possible
  3. Donate to the food-bank or cat re-homing centre  Done, and a wonderful thing to do.  Will be sure to do this every month if I can
  4. Take one photo of workout body once a week
  5. Have a pampering night in – didn’t officially happen but will plan to do it soon
  6. Read one book – started a few books as nothing really caught my attention
  7. Go rock climbing – missed my chance now :o(
  8. Try a new food – DONE tried German food for first time, and it was yummy!
  9. Complete a Sudoku puzzle
  10. Watch a movie from our “ Movies of our Lifetime” list – each night seemed to run out of time, but I will make this happen
  11. Go see some comedyDONE, The Stand Glasgow
  12. Workout at least 6 times – managed to work out 5 times, and due to sickness lost the final few days to feeling crappy in general
  13. Try a new workout class – didn’t manage along the class I had booked because I was ill
  14. Set a new PB weight training
  15. Use National Trust card before 31st Aug – failed, now past 1st Sept HOWEVER we have got a brand new membership for the National Trust for Scotland that I can’t wait to put into use
  16. Eat at a new restaurantDONE, West Brewery in Glasgow
  17. Have a family photo taken – Official photos taken, and ordered ready for Xmas presents for family

So I make that a grand total of 5 new goals achieved in the space of 17 days.  Not quite what I was hoping for, but do you know it was great fun to try each day to work towards something to rush to squeeze in the excitement.

Birthdays often feel like a time to reflect, and this year is no different.  I’m sitting here writing at the end of a very busy but wonderful weekend where I feel loved and spent all my time with the people that matter alot to me.  Gifts and spending money to feel important last only for a second compared to what truly matters.  Enjoy life when you can!

Love MFF xx

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