Making fitness part of my Working Day with @FitnessCityPark #thefitnessgroup

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April 2017 has seen a few dramatic changes to life for me – firstly my return back to work following maternity leave, and the challenges mentally, physically, emotionally that it brings to get all aspects of life in their best balance.

Fitness and my health are critical to making sure I’m working towards having enough energy and strength to have my best family and working life possible.  It is one goal that I’m not prepared to take second best for – and for the reason I choose City Park Fitness based in Glasgow to be the private gym I would use as much as schedule will allow.

Life with a young baby and toddler means that time for me is hard to fit in unless I have a plan in place and ready to take action.  For me, it is making sure when I am working at my day job I take 30 mins out to go workout as much as possible, and for that kind of quick fire routine you need a great gym.  City Park Fitness doesn’t let you down here, and is a joy to use.

I’m in my third week now of using the gym approximately 2-3 times a week during my lunch hours, consisting of HIIT cycling routine (Level 0 for approximately 2-3 mins followed by Level 8 for 30 seconds until my legs burn!), then straight to the Weights section for pre-loaded weights and kettle bell work.  For me, it is the consistent results-driven workout that I need to target the areas that most women and mothers fear are their worst places – the thighs, tummy and legs overall.

For the next 6 weeks ahead I will be tracking my workouts on my Instagram and Twitter feeds (@mamafurfur) so be sure to check them out and see what I’m up to with the help of City Park Fitness.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook/Instragram/Twitter too with their feeds full of inspiration and workout suggestions.  Love their energy and commitment to fresh outstanding personal training and working out in Glasgow.

My Goals for the 6 weeks ahead will be never miss a workout and document my results at the end of May – let the excitement and work continue to grow and grow!


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