Review: GroSnug Newborn Baby Swaddle and Sleeping bag

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As some of you might have been following my blog recently and noticed I’m a second time Mama now in the past few weeks, to another healthy happy baby boy.  

With all the excitement of a newborn entering your world, the second time around I felt like I was armed with more information about the kinds of products I wanted to use with my newborn and ones that I felt truly made a difference with my first son and those early months.

I had a very definite list of items that worked well with first son and some items that I wanted to replace for better alternatives.  Our first son loved to be swaddled from birth, and was one of the key triggers for him sleeping soundly each nap and bedtime.  And so, armed with that knowledge we purchased a few swaddle blankets in various forms ready to do the same for our newborn this time.

However, within a week or so, I saw and felt that Son No.2 seemed to squirm and show signs of uncomfort rather than enjoy the process.  I knew we had to find a solution and something safer than just placing him with a blanket over him instead (where he could get the blanket over his mouth/face etc by accident) and when I went to purchase sleeping bags for him instead believing that would be the safe answer – I was surprised to see that really there was none on the market suitable generally.  All came with the 0-6 month label but with small detail that the baby needed to be 12 lbs minimum (which really no newborns come close to for a good month or so).  This was not good.

Being a huge fan of the Gro Company products, with already purchasing the Gro-Clock for our toddler to help with early morning waking and bedtime wind-down and Gro-Light for when my step-sons visit and for their room to be semi-lit during the night, I was overjoyed to see that they have thought of an answer to this very important area of a safe, reliable, secure sleeping bag/swaddle solution for newborns up to 12 lbs.  Thank you Gro Company for saving the day!

It’s a very simple concept product as with most Gro Company products – you can simply zip the newborn into the sleeping bag for naps or bedtime as you would with any other sleeping bag for older children; however, it also includes the ingenious poppers at the arm slots that you can close up and use as a swaddle bag as well.  What is more – the swaddle option for the sleeping bag is without doubt the safest way to swaddle I have seen on any swaddle blanket style product, as there is absolutely no way the baby can get their arms wriggling out and undo the material to break free.  There is no risk of the blanket coming loose and getting over the baby’s face preventing breathing. Truly a great product for any new born with the flexibility to try swaddling or not with your newborn from Day 1.

Although I received my first Gro-Snug for testing purposes to review, within a few days I had gone straight out and purchase a few more myself as there is no way I would be without this Sleeping bag for my little one until he is old enough to use a normal sleeping bag.  This is a product that any new or repeat Mama would find useful and offer the peace of mind to know that nap times and bedtime covers are as safe as you can make them for your little one.

All Gro-Snug products are available to purchase on their direct website at or alternatively most can be purchased at your local Mothercare or Boots store from my experience.  Compared to other swaddle or sleeping bags of good quality, the price point is very reasonable indeed and worth investing in at least 2 or 3 if you can to allow for days when you need to wash them before use again.

This is one product that I have no hesitation in recommending time and time again now, as it worked for me and my child and gave me the peace of mind every Mama needs with a newborn.

Love MFF xx

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