14 Days to a Better You – Day 13

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Glorious day in Glasgow town begins my thirteenth day of my challenge.

We have a great day kicking off with blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and took little dude to Gymboree together. As it’s the summer holidays there is a lot of parents and kids now off on holidays too – but with the smaller class than normal we were running about and having lots of fun.

Little dude is properly walking about as much as he can now so you never get time to sit down much. That will keep you fit!

Major achievement for me tonight was seeing Hubbie do a cracking run a few nights ago, I wanted to do the same distance as him to see how long it would take me.

Well, my little legs set off post bedtime and kept going and going. And when it was nearly time to turn around I thought -screw it! I’m doing 5km tonight to see my time.

So I did

I did 5.2km actually.

And this is the start of hopefully once a week doing a good long run to test my endurance.

I am feeling proud of myself but also enjoying seeing what I am capable of doing. This truly has changed my outlook and eating patterns in a good way. Plus I can see physical changes in my body.

Tomorrow is the last day officially but I don’t think this will be the end. No no no

Watch this space…..
Love MFF xx

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