14 days to a Better You – Day 4

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Day 4 out of 14, and they are passing fairly quickly.

Last night we had a wonderful “Thomson Girls Book Club” aka meeting up with my Mum and Sis for a nice meal and catch up.  Bliss….and whilst I was there working hard chatting and sharing stories of the world recently, Hubbie was building a wonderful Little Tikes playhouse for our little dude to enjoy in the garden.

We are hopefully getting the garden sorted to be more “family-friendly” over the next while so hope to share those pictures with the blog soon.

Right! Back to the challenge!

Day 4 was a long working day, and had decided before the week that it would be my one rest day…well without the gym/hard exercise.  This was due to needing to get into work early today, plus little dude having a sleepover and allowing time for a Date Night with my gorgeous hubbie.  And so that is what we did!

Eating wise – kept to simple Weetabix for breakfast at 6am with little man and a big glass of water, 2 slices of wholewheat toast as my snack, and then as the day rushed past with work demands the rest involved water and unsalted cashews/nuts/cherries/strawberries….Dinner was eating out, which can be tough but both stuck to no bad foods 🙂 or any bad drinks too.

Definitely feeling positive and noticing a change in my tummy in particular, seems flatter although that could be less bloating now really.  I have really enjoyed lots of water and noticed a big difference to my system and well-being overall because of it – really recommend the switch in the morning especially.  Also, really enjoying getting to the gym each day – and noticed not going today a lot.  I think the reason is that the gym although gives you lots of good positive thoughts the rest of the day, it is also a time to chill out and relax my brain. Something that I find very good for my soul…given the world I live in 🙂

What will tomorrow bring? Well its officially my day off work in the week, so holding out for some exercise but most importantly spending time with little dude and Big dude.  They certainly keep me fit and hoping to see changes again in my well-being over the weekend as a result.

Keep tuned!

Love MFF xx

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