Mama’s kitchen: New Heinz Baby Breakfast choices review

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As a Mama who first started to ween at 4 months, simply due to knowing that little dude needed more than just milk to keep him full (always seemed to be hungry, shorter gap between larger amounts of milk etc), his diet is important to me.

I feel a responsibility to ensure that what he eats and enjoys is very much influenced by the selections I make whilst he is small and growing fast.  I want to give him variety, and know that in the supermarkets there is far more variety than what my parents had with me growing up just in the 80’s.  It is very important to me to ensure he has a love of fruit and all those healthy things that I know will make him grow and develop as he should, plus have lots of energy to play and laugh.

Personally, I feel that Breakfast is the one meal where sometimes we can easily believe an option is healthy, when in fact it contains sugars and lacks the vitamins we would want them to have.  The key factors that I look for when making a breakfast choice are absolutely if it provides good healthy cereals, vitamins, iron, goodness, and if it also includes a way to help towards getting little dude’s 5 a day.

In the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to try out some of the brand new Heinz Baby Muesli Cereals (brand new to the range), their 6-cereals Breakfast Biscotti, and their new Very Berry Porridge Breakfast Pots.

Heinz Baby Strawberry, Raspberry & Blueberry Muesli
and Apricot & Peach Muesli

Just like with the adult versions you would expect, Heinz’s Baby Strawberry, Raspberry & Blueberry Muesli is packed with 12 key vitamins and minerals, with oat flakes and 3 types of dried fruit.


I have used Heinz’s Baby Cereals range in particular when weening our Little Dude, and found them a delight to use for convenience but also knowing that they were excellent to give him a great start to the day dedicated to his baby growing needs and chewing ability.  Overall, the Muesli did not let us down, designed for ages 10+ months due to the chew-able pieces but could see that a baby who was solidly on food could also enjoy these.  Personally, we found the Strawberry, Raspberry & Blueberry flavour more appealing, and particular as a Mama getting more fruit with each bite is a definitely plus side.

Very easy to mix up in the mornings, should you be rushing to work or looking after other young ones as a busy Mama, and I even felt fine letting Little Dude feed himself the cereal in the mornings.

Definitely a good addition to the range, and great to see new ideas and options within the Baby Cereal market.

Heinz Baby Very Berry Porridge Breakfast Pots (ready to eat portions)

Another great addition to the Heinz Baby Breakfast range is a brand new flavour – Very Berry Porridge.


I’m no stranger to this particular concept in the range.  These ready made porridge and cereal options from Heinz Baby are excellent, and I used them right from 6 months with our Little Dude.  They are perfect for when you are on holiday or needing a healthy nutrious breakfast on the go.  They can be eaten hot or cold, personally I have always used them cold just to prevent overheating and waiting times (our boy is hungry first thing!), and when they contain calcium for bones, iron for healthy brain development plus so convient to use – there are a no-brainer go to product for any Mama.

This particular new flavour again gives added assurance that as well as healthy, they are getting the right start in their day to a good 5-a-day fruit & veg ratio.

Another great flavour in a range that I always can say is one of my go to products – well done!

Heinz Baby 6-Cereal Breakfast Biscotti

Heinz Baby Biscotti is another product that I already had used many times and purchased for Little Dude during his early weening phase and continue to purchase.  They are definitely not just a “baby” food with so many flavours and I have always found them ideal as a good healthy snack when tummies are hungry for many ages of children.


The idea of a Breakfast Biscotti is a fantastic idea, and in addition to simply being a go to item after a good breakfast, I found that I used them when we were a little short of time in the mornings or as a mid morning snack.  Little Dude loved them!


Mainly because he could hold them happily in his hand, they wouldn’t melt or break down in his hand, and plus I knew that he was eating something good!  No hidden sugars here!  They contain a blend of grains – wheat, oats, barley, rice, corn – plus added vitamins and minerals essential to baby’s growth.  Yet again another great flavour within the Biscotti range and I particular love that they are designed especially for breakfast times on the go in a busy family lifestyle.  Well done Heinz!

We really enjoyed trying out some of the latest offers from Heinz Baby Breakfast range, and hope this might help you with your baby breakfast selections too.

These products were sent to me for testing free of charge, and all comments are my own.

Love MFF xx





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