12 week Summer Tone Up – May Fitness Goals

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What a busy April and start of May it has been here at Mamafurfur!

I’m now Week 5 of my hard push towards getting into great shape for Summer 2015, and still very much enjoying getting to a Personal trainer once a week as well as some weight training sessions of my own.

In April I decided I wanted to set myself a few Fitness challenges to really test how far I am coming along, and so I have signed up for no less than three charity races in the upcoming few weeks.  Two of these are 5km charity races, but the one I’m dreading is the big one – a 10km charity run!

I’m not a runner – I have hated it every since I was at school – I was build for 2-3 mins of dancing at the most which is why I loved cheerleading & dancing so much through my adult life to keep me fit before baby.  Now however, my body shape changed and I turned to weight training and cardio to get my fitness back and even better than it was.

Running I don’t enjoy. I get bored.  I get a sore chest.  The list goes on….but last year I completed the Race for Life 5km in Glasgow and was on a personal goal to see if I could better my time from last year now that I can see myself changing for the better.  I actually managed to complete the course in my fastest ever time of 29 minutes, with only a handful of walking stops along the way which was really a huge achievement for me.  Massive improvement in my fitness since last year without doubt and also loved the atmosphere to encourage you to keep going and beat your best!

And then comes the thought – hey! why not test it further and do 10km.  I have never completed a 10km run ever before, so this week I will be doing my first “mock” run during the week before Sunday’s event.

During April I managed to lose another 1% body fat, with my body measurements going down over my body expect my hips and waist stayed the same.  I’m sitting at 20% body fat now, which is good and an achievement but I was disappointed with that drop in fat hadn’t come a physical change in my hips and waist.

However, not to be dishearten, I know that if I am making solid changes in my body each month, then I’m doing something right.   I know I need to be better with more consistent choices in my diet if I can (less sugar again) but small steps to long term improvements.

Anything worth doing right takes time and patience, things I lack sometimes I feel, but I am thankful that back in January and April I gave commitment to myself to try something new and make a difference to my body.

I’m excited to see how I get on this week at the 10km race and what else will come along the way!

Love MFF xx


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