Health and Weight loss Journey: How to make a start the right way

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Losing weight and/or changing our health & fitness lifestyle is not for the faint hearted!

Since January 2015, I made a promise to myself to take my fitness more seriously and really give it a “right good go” once and for all.  My reasons weren’t for anything deeper than simply I wanted to feel better about my post-pregnancy body and feel healthier and more alive each day.

Once I made that decision on the 1st January, I haven’t looked back and can honestly say that after nearly 100 odd days progress has certainly been seen in all areas of my life that I wanted to improve and take control over.

So if you are like me, and you too want to make some changes in your life for your health and body shape – what do you need to make that first start?

Here is all I think you really need:


1) A good pair of trainers (and a good sports bra)

2) Some hand weights or a kettlebell (choose a fairly solid weight to start say 4kg or 8kg – think big)

3) Read up on fitness trends and best practices so you know what to do whether that is at a gym or in your own home

4) I swear by HIIT that includes cardio with weight strength training, so get yourself a stop watch or phone app to make that part easy.  You do need to train 3+times a week, with rest days to see results fairly quickly (say 30 days)

5) NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE – Commitment and dedication as changing your body and life will take time, there is no quick fix here.  You need to give it at least 30 days if not more.

Although I am 100+ days into my journey and commitment is now second nature as I am seeing progress each month without fail (you need to record your vital stats like thigh measurement, waist, arms etc – NOT WEIGHT on the scales), I want to continue to focus even harder for the next 100 days.

That next journey I want to share with you along the way, warts and all, so please still around.

Right now, through knowledge online and seeing progress in my body physically and mentally, I now sleep longer, drink water like it is going out of fashion, given up Diet drinks, eat carb-free meals occasionally, reduced my sugar (but still very much like it!) and the list goes on….

My phylosophy to fitness and weight loss isn’t about living off carb-free for months, craving chocolate and working out for hours on end – it is purely about prioritising exercise (weight training will change your body, not cardio only), making better food choices, drinking better and putting less crap into my body through whatever source that is.

This journey isn’t easy, and at times I want to eat chocolate, but it appears to be working.


Love MFF xx

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