A whole month has past by, and now here comes March!

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Looking at my calander I can’t believe that it is March so quickly…..and more importantly over a month since my last blog post.

I was thinking of a reason why I hadn’t managed to write even one blog entry in the past 30 days, and really no excuses.  Just life got in the way and other things took over my time.  However, I know that I love to write and share some thoughts with the world in case someone reading might enjoy them, so my goal is to get back on the blogging bandwagon once more with some ompft!

During February though I continued with my fitness program, although a few set backs during the middle weeks due to not being too well and then busy life stopping my motivation to try to get to the gym outside of once a week.  I didn’t like that feeling. I didn’t like the feeling of being less than what I was capable of, plus I had begun to see results in my body shape that was actually making the changes to my lifestyle seem like a good idea.  FINALLY! I could see changes….slow and steady progress.

This last week we had a chance for our body stats to be taken again, and compared with those taken mid January.  I lost a few kgs (not the main goal) but more importantly I had lost millimetres off all aspects of my body.  Around my tummy especially and hips was up to a 1cm.  And what does that mean?  Well I had lost body fat.  I had got rid of weight I was carrying that wasn’t good for me and was actually doing some good!  Woohoo! One aspect that I have enjoyed is improving what I drink each day too, as out are the fizzy/flavoured juices most of the time and maybe one drink of such over the weekend days.  That is a huge difference to what I used to be like, but more than that I hope it is improving the way I am treating my body.

In February, I continued to love my Personal Training sessions once a week along with my sister, and balanced it with HIIT sessions at home and gym sessions mixing up weights, kettle bells, rowing and running.  I’m not a strong runner by any means (I can do about 400m then need to walk a bit) but I enjoy the variety.  This past month I even ended up doing a weekly Les Mills GRIT class at the crack of the morning (6.45am) at the Gym before everyone else got up for the day.  Never thought that would be me, but it is actually quite motivating for the rest of the day to know you have ticket the fitness box already. 

This month we have also had a few adventures to see family down in London and a weekend away to see my folks.  It is so important for me to feel a balance in life with family, and I am very lucky to have people who love me and make us feel welcome.  Trying to balance raising a family, supporting that family financially/emotional/physically, looking after myself so I can do all said things etc….it is tough but makes us who we are.  We are far more capable than we realise, but in the moments when we do aim for our potential, we always knew it was there all along.

Wanting to try this month and learn something new. I signed up for Java programming online course and a Begineer’s Dutch course (as you do) so I am wanting to keep my commitment and see those through.  Those will be far tougher than committing to going to the gym each week, as it is usually in the quiet moments you want to watch TV or relax rather than learn Java commands.  This may push me out my comfort zone a little.

In whatever aspects of your life this March you are improving or continueing to make great, may the journey be filled with your full potential to get exactly what you dreamed for.  After all, life is too short and this journey is exactly what we make of it.

More from me to follow very soon…

Love MFF xx

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