Family Kindness Elves: 5th, 6th & 7th December #blogmas

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It’s been a lovely week past and the end of the week was filled with some fun “Family Kindness” tasks.  This is an idea I came up with that prompts us as a family to do something more each day that is better than something we could buy, and show others that we care.  Read more about it here and how to create your own version too!

Friday 5th December’s task was to “Feed the Birds” and not too dissimilar to the Mary Poppins way. Easy and just a few handfuls of old bread and peanuts was our way of encouraging the birds into our garden last week.

Saturday 6th December’s task was “To tidy up after someone” and we had plans to travel down to my Parents and help them clear some of the large trees and shrubbery in their garden.  However, Scottish weather being the way it is meant that plans had to be postponed due to snow/rain/sun/hail/shine, but we will of course keep our promise to help and get down to them another weekend.

Instead we used the time to have fun as a family by visiting a local Amazonian jungle and even got to explore and touch some of the animals.  Little dude touched a snake, whilst I had the courage to hold it for myself.  Wonderful time.

Sunday 7th December was filled and challenged with a “Family Games Night” and this was a treat.  We try to have people over for fun games/dinner nights when we can and last night involved teaching our Little Dude how to play “Pop Up Pirate” for the first time, with delightful words of “Push” from him; then the grownups had a competitive few rounds of “Festive Bingo” and “Rummy” card game.

Taking time away from the usual TV or world distractions is something I love, and need to remind myself to do more often.  Usually we have the most fun and smiles when we are doing something different from the normal but even more than that it is when you don’t let other things take away your time out of habit.

I hope these few kindness challenges this week inspire others, but more than that, I absolutely overjoyed that we are achieving something each day on the lead up to Christmas.  I am noticing a change in how we feel around us for sure.

Love MFF xx

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