My “17 things to do before I’m 34” Challenge – 2nd Update

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Two weeks ago now, I decided that in the final 17 days before I reached the grand old age of 34 yrs old, it deserved a challenge list to squeeze in those last few moments of excitement of officially being only just 33 yrs old.

The list I came up with wasn’t too long, 17 items one for each day, and progress on it should have been straight forward.  Time has felt like a major factor in my progress, but here is what I’ve been up to so far…..

Here were my top 17 things to do:

  1. Be a tourist for the day in Glasgow – perhaps my birthday?
  2. Blog every day – failed already but trying hard to blog as much as possible
  3. Donate to the food-bank or cat re-homing centre  Done, and a wonderful thing to do.  Will be sure to do this every month if I can
  4. Take one photo of workout body once a week
  5. Have a pampering night in – perhaps tonight?
  6. Read one book – working on this…reading “The Last Girl”  
  7. Go rock climbing – missed my chance now :o(
  8. Try a new food – DONE tried German food for first time, and it was yummy!
  9. Complete a Sudoku puzzle
  10. Watch a movie from our “ Movies of our Lifetime” list
  11. Go see some comedyDONE, The Stand Glasgow
  12. Workout at least 6 times – work in progress, but so far 4 down – 2 to go
  13. Try a new workout class – looking good to try a new class tomorrow on my day off
  14. Set a new PB weight training
  15. Use National Trust card before 31st Aug – failed, now past 1st Sept
  16. Eat at a new restaurantDONE, West Brewery in Glasgow
  17. Have a family photo taken – Official photos taken, and ordered ready for Xmas presents for family

Lots to do with only 48 hours to go until the big day……DUM DUM DAAA!!

Love MFF xx

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