How I changed my spot-prone skin care routine for the better

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I’m a long time past being able to classify my skin as “teenager hormone prone” skin, and I’ve had to put up with the feeling of not being happy with my skin appearance for as long as I can remember.

I actually think my skin is fairly common, in that I get spots most of the time, not bad enough to need medical help but enough so that I feel I can’t go a day without makeup to try and make them less obvious to the world.  Probably is – that gets boring….real boring…and annoying every day.

I feel like I’ve tried every trick in the book, every new product that is meant to control and turn my skin into the amazing glowing perfection that I have been promised whilst handing over my cold hard cash – but no….it kinda works but not always what I hope for and certainly always feeling like you are stuck with buying the same expensive products over and over because “you can’t possibly go without them”.

And so here was another thing I came across to try in the world to tame my skin…but this time it was quite revolutionary to me.  It would mean going right back to basics…and it seemed to work for others even my sister who was swearing by it now.

I was to ditch everything I was using – and buy some of these…..and these alone…

  Coconut oil (£6.99 approx).   Epsom salts (£1.69 for a tub). Vasaline (£2.19). And a small container (£0.64). (Oh and some TCP for those stubborn spots).

Before I tell you my routine now, minus all the lotions and potions and hassle and cost – it has worked for my skin.  It has helped to balance it so much that I wouldn’t use anything else where I can avoid it.

I made a facial scrub/make up remover with a small amount of the Coconut Oil melted, adding in the Salts so you have a basic scrub consistancy and pop it in a air-tight jar for using.  This scrub you use every morning and night to remove your makeup and dirt, and leaves behind beautifully soft and moisturised skin. If you feel you need to take off hard eye makeup, use some of the coconut oil on its own or a eye makeup remover for tricky ones.

  You can also use the scrub as a face mask when you have a few spots appear, as the salts will draw out any impurities and calm down the spots.  Just press it on your skin and it will slightly dry and then wash it right off.  I tend to use the face mask whenever I’m in the house for an hour or so without anything urgent just to keep my face “topped up” with goodness.

I use the Coconut oil as a moisturiser straight on my skin if it is feeling dry too.  Vasaline is my under-eye cream – place a small amount under each eye each night and see the lines start to smooth out. Also I use it on my lips obviously and any dry patches of skin on my body.

Finally, the TCP is my backup plan if I have any worries that my skin is feeling as if a spot might appear – and I dab it right on there.

Since starting this routine nearly 8 weeks ago, the only time I really suffer with spots as usual is when it is that time of the month, and the best bit is the spots quickly disappear and don’t seem so bad because they don’t get a chance to develop.

I even have the confidence to go out some days with only mascara on my face – something that I only hoped would be possible.

Please feel free to give these basic homemade facial remedies a go for yourself- as you never know, it might work for you too…and save some money!

Love MFF xx


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