@n_t_s Our National Trust for Scotland Adventures – Holmwood House at Halloween

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Being proud owners of a Family Membership for the National Trust for Scotland, we are constantly looking for ways to get outside and see some of the best kept secret locations in the UK.

With Halloween just round the corner just now, we were excited to attend the “Batty Hat” Halloween event at the very beautiful Holmwood House, near the southside of Glasgow.

  Having grown up in the Southside of Glasgow, this is actually one of the NTS properties that I had never visited with my parents growing up, mainly as they probably didn’t realise it was there.  Hidden away behind some houses is this simple but enchanting house with lots of woodland area round about to explore and enjoy.

Over the Halloween pre-weekend though, the NTS team had put together a family treat with the theme of Halloween.  Every room in the property was decked out with spooky and scary decorations and displays, and to be honest even I was a little scared!


 Outside in the Garden area they had more decorations, and all youngsters were given the chance to “Dook for apples”, that classic fun party game at this time of year.


 For our little one of 2yrs old, this NTS property probably holds no more than an hour of entertainment, due to the nature of the place being more for the exploration and appreciation of the house itself, rather than activities to keep little ones amused along the way.

Another lovely find with the National Trust for Scotland, and a great fun Halloween family event thrown in too!

Love MFF xx

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