August 2018 Book Haul UK – My favourite books from the past month

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With a flood of personal development books out on the market, from everything from just making your bed to manifesting all the money in the world – WHERE DO YOU START?

You will know I am a devoted reader of Personal Development and Business strategy books, and struggle to read fiction if I’m being honest, and it is with that love of books that I have decided to start doing a monthly Book Haul review for you on the blog and over on my Youtube Channel.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your Day Job” mamafurfur Jennifer Kempson motivational quotes #financialfreedom #motivational #personaldevelopment


// Why read Non-fiction?

Personal Development, working on ourselves in our spare time, is a life changing habit.

You can read all about how you can start your own Personal Development journey here of course.

Each month I also have a Mamafurfur Book Club where I share my personal favourite book of the month ahead, that I have read and loved and you can find this month’s book over here.

Be sure to go check the latest book club selection out, you will love it!

// Books I loved this month

What a month it has been!

If you caught my July Book Haul you will know I mentioned reading again “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne but I didn’t quite expect the power it would then have over my life.

From that book, randomly one day I was led to a book by Esther Hicks called “The Law of Attraction”.

“Law of Attraction” by Esther & Jerry Hicks

If you haven’t read this book, I would very much not advise reading it without having skimmed the surface of Law of Attraction first.

This book is wonderful at going deeper into truly why our thoughts shape our future, and positive thoughts and emotions.

It changed my world this past month reading this book and applying a mentality of focusing on the “good stuff” I see in my life and looking for signs of more of the life I want to create and am drawn to.

In the past month I have started waking up at 5am (1 hour before everyone else in the house usually is up) exclusively to work out and exercise, read and ponder my day and focus on the good things I want and have.

It has been as a results a wonderful month of new opportunities and rewards, and I’m exciting to keep reading more of Esther’s works moving forward.


The Meaningful Money Handbook by Pete Matthew

I was over the moon to receive an advance copy of Pete’s book this month and couldn’t wait to read it.

Release date planned for mid September 2018, it is filled with the highlight’s of Pete Matthew’s blog and I would say a fantastic ground work book for the key points to know your financial knowledge and how to make your money work smarter for you.

Thoroughly enjoyed the way it was present in short information packed chapters in a solid flow to read if you were brand new to the topic of personal finance, or if you were a few years down the line looking to become smarter with what you do with your money.

A great book for those brand new to financial knowledge and how to make your financial life much easier moving forward.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Definitely this month was a chance to revisit some of the classic books that I had read a few years ago, and felt prompted to read this one again hoping to gain new insight.

I wasn’t let down by any means.

First time I read it about two years ago, to be honest, I struggled with the way the author was attempting to convey his message about having a clear vision for your finances, believing it would happen then taking inspired action to make it happen.

On this time though, it was as if it all made perfect sense and probably as a result of my previous reads this month and last month the picture was become clearer.

There are some “older generation” thinking from over 80 years ago regarding race and sex including in the book, but as the preface suggests – even though society has moved on from some of the viewpoints, it is more the common thread that is still very much alive and relevant.

One to read again I have no doubt, with some new phrases highlighted and ideas to ponder moving forward for me too.


A Simplified Life by Emily Ley

I found this gem of a book off the back of listening to a podcast for female business owners in the car one day, and picked up a copy of Emily’s book to see if she could inspire me to simplify my life further.

Emily writes straight from a mother’s heart in this book, mentioning all the areas where she had to but back when she found balancing motherhood, wifehood and a business all to much.

She talks about key areas such as your home, finances, relationship and even spiritual life in the book – a great little easy read to make you realise that you can shape the world around you as you wish.

I particularly enjoyed the easy flow of the book, relaxed and intentional to help other women balance life and home.

We all tend to try to do too many things, and this book really has made me think about my daily choices and to simplify the things I do with my greatest asset, my time.

// Looking for more books to read and enjoy?

Feel free to check out my top 30 Personal Development books in the below link that I truly believe will change your life.


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