BEST INVESTING & INVESTMENT APPS UK (2020) – 6 ways to invest in the stock market from your phone

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Best Investing & Investment Apps UK 2020 - Invest from your PhoneWhat are the Best UK based Investing & Investment Apps for 2020?

Whether you are looking to start investing in the stock market, or simple have your money moved over to investments on your behalf in the background having the convenience and ease of a great INVESTING App on your phone gives that part of your money management a great boost.
You can buy, sell or check on your investments during your morning commute; sell Tesla shares whilst you eat your lunch and even wait your profits grow over your dinner!
If you are thinking of investing, don’t have a clue where to start – hopefully these Apps will give you the confidence to have give it a go for growing your wealth in the long term.
Please remember investing is different from savings. 
You are investing in REAL companies that will have your money to own part of their company,
therefore only invest if you are comfortable with the risks to your money involved.
I’m going to break down some of your app choices in the UK for beginners; if you wish to Invest in US stocks & companies; considering Day trading Currencies and Cryptocurrency; and even apps that are a helping hand and move/invest your money in the background based on your spending habits.

Fancy watching my video about them instead?

Good for everything Stock market related – Etoro

eToro has become a leading social trading platform for trading major financial markets including stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies. Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit

They have a min deposit of $100 to use the platform however the range of funds, individual company stocks, currency and Cryptocurrency options is second to none. 

They have ever investment option you could think of, with most providers such as Vanguard even making an appearance. 

They do have Inactivity fees if you do not use the product to invest/trade within a year so keep that in mind that this should be a regular investing platform.

Currently only offering General Investing accounts rather than any ISA options to it’s UK users, however if you are looking to invest in companies and individual stocks this would be an ideal platform to use.  They offer no fees on stocks and ETFs but other fees such as withdrawal/conversion can apply.  eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

You can even have a demo account to practice with using stocks that you are thinking of buying and don’t want to give up your cash and with the option to copy complete portfolios of other traders if you wish to use their expertise.

In my video for this blog post I even show you how to step by step purchase your first stock using this app, so really simple and easy to use!

Good for Beginners  – Plum

Available from Google Play, App Store or Facebook Messenger, Plum is particularly good for beginners to investing as you can start investing from £1.

Choose from themes of markets and companies (investing in Shares only) and also based on your risk level.

They call it like a Robot investing from your phone, you communicate with the app/platform via Facebook messenger or the tool and it links to your bank account then invests that money in the background for you automatically.

Analyses your spending habits overall every day, and moves money across to your savings/investments for you based on what it predicts you will have left over and also to help you based on your savings/investing goals.

There’s also an annual fee of 0.15% and a fund fee of between 0.22 and 0.9% though, so keep that in mind to select the products that work for you and support your goals long term.

Good for small investments beginners – Wombat

This fairly new Fintech app is available on Android and App Store with No monthly fees, no platform fee but you will have a annual fee based on the funds.

Good is you wish to invest below £1000 as it charges no platform fees until that point – over that and you do have fees associated to use the platform.

They took away the complexity of funds by giving them unique fund descriptions so that you can get a feel for the ETF (Electronically Traded Fund) and what it does rather than just the title of the fund and trying to guess what it might track.

Another great feature is that the app has a function to link to your bank account and then rounds up your purchases over every 2 weeks and invests those small pockets of money difference on your behalf.

Another great tool is that it allows fractional investing where you can buy a fraction/part of an ETF rather than the full fund price in the traditional ways of purchasing them.

Super easy and user-friendly app if you are new to investing and looking for a tool to help you get started, with a limited amount of funds to choose from.

I did find that the fund choices covered most of the needs of everyday investors, with funds made up of house hold names and large corporations – so even though it might be small in offering, it delivers the best it can for a wide user group of investors.

You can find me using this app on my blog post video as well for a demo.  Be sure to check it out!

Good for FREE shares and helping your friends invest – Freetrade

Freetrade offers zero commission fee purchases on basic stock trading ISA account options  on most commonly sought after Stocks, bonds, gold and ETFs.

This app really is fun to use and share your investing experience with others as when you “Refer a Friend” you can receive a free share in return up to the value of £200, so nice to build up your portfolio whilst helping others to invest.

Good for Investing your Spare change – Moneybox

This app in particular is a Micro-Investing tool where for a £1 monthly fee,  it basically rounds up those everyday purchases and deducts the small change to then move to an Investment ISA for you.

Very similar to the concept used by the app Wombat mentioned above, the hope is that by moving small amounts of money over to investments – you can invest and save your money without noticing it disappearing and being automatic for you.

Moneybox also offer many other ISA products, so as well as a great tool to develop the habit of investing – you can also consider them for General ISA accounts as well.

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