#EarlyBirdChallenge : Can a Mama wake up even earlier and find benefit?

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The last few weeks I’ve been looking at all aspects of my life to make them better.

Sleep.  I love sleep.  I’m a Mama who has grown to love sleep more than anything sometimes as with little people you never seem to have that “rested” feeling as you are always woken up by a human alarm clock.

I’ve teamed up with the team at Free Office Finder who want to give people the option of a better balance to life – whether that is finding the perfect place to work but also in their personal life too.

What did you do with your morning?

A common pattern for this Mama is to wake up by the sound of an awake child next door, stumble to find my glasses or contact lenses, throw on a dressing gown and begin the way to get Little Dude and start breakfast.  If it is a working day, I then have usually 30 mins to feed mouths (including mine), and dress myself & child, prepare my bag for the day ahead and then get us both to my Mum’s for her babysitting services.  It can feel very stressed and I end up feeling very exhausted before the day has even begun.  Heaven help if the traffic gets in the way and I’m running late too!

Healthier sleeping patterns, going to bed earlier and getting up early too, has proven health benefits.  It can make a massive improvement to your mental health too, as you have time to use the time how you wish and feel ready for the day ahead.

And so as part of my improvement over the next few months to myself overall, this is one area that I have already seen the benefits and will now make sure it is something I keep up.

Today was a slight long lie for us, but up by 7am on the button.  I had time to look at the beautiful dark early sky and then watch my Little Dude play with some toys whilst we chatted over breakfast.  No rush, to then get him dressed and both of us fed before our day began properly at 8am.  I’m ready to face the day….and that pleases me so much!

I look forward to seeing what else I will achieve in the early mornings ahead…

What would you change about your mornings currently?  Could you take the #EarlyBirdChallenge and find a difference too?

Love MFF xx

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