I did it – I ran the Morrisons Women’s Glasgow 10km race!

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If you have been following my blog recently, you will know that I signed up for my biggest running & fitness challenge to date a few weeks ago.  I signed up for the Morrisons Women’s Glasgow 10km charity race, and was pretty nervous about how I would get on.

post run

I’m very pleased to say that I completed the course in a beginner time of 1hr 17 minutes, which I was happy with but felt I wanted to do better if I could have.  It certainly put me out of my comfort zone and a goal that I didn’t ever think I would achieve due to the fact I HATE running.

The atmosphere at the race was excellent and so well organised from all counts.  Free parking was provided for those who turned up early, all within walking distance of the start/finish line which meant that you could happily get to the race without road closures and delays.

All runners were sent welcome packs beforehand, and we were provided with tracking chips on our runner identification paper to wear on your chest, and this was able to give you an accurate start/finish time exactly for you.  Your time could then be tweeted directly to your Twitter account if you wished, wish I took full advantage of to see just how well I did on the day.

The weather Gods were not on our side on the day, with rain/sun/shine typical Glasgow weather, but the course was a fairly tough one over many of the normal public roads (with hills) and then the nearby Park.

The best touch of the day was the “Well done” Goodie bag each runner received at the end of the race with a t-shirt, medal and various healthy food items and gifts to be a little bit of something to take home…and EAT/DRINK on the day.

I would have no hestitation about competing in this charity race again, as it was so well organised and great fun to be part of.

I really am enjoying all the little goals I’m achieving this year, and hope to set my next fitness one very soon.

Love MFF xx

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