14 Days to a Better You – Day 5

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Day 5 already and the week had flown by. Major things I have noticed about myself is that my tummy feels flatter and less bloated the past few days. I don’t think I have suddenly become a size 0 or anything but it feels good to know there is changes.

Today I did a mega clean out of the house for a good few hours as this has to absolutely count as activity plus the rest of the afternoon running round after a 1yr old in the garden. Tonight I plan to do a little YouTube fitness video though so I can definitely tick that exercise box.

Food wise I am doing well too – no sweets or bad things despite temptation and enjoying more water as I said before. I also noticed our food bill is low this week coming as we don’t need much snacks and are eating lots more fresh fruit and veg to fill us up. We did eat a good variety before but notice I am trying to think outside the box for snacks – such as rice cakes with cheese etc which is good for a boast as fat fills you up better than sugar.

Today our back garden also was finished with brand new decking for us to spend lots of time in the air. It is wonderful and immediately feel better for being out today. That is what life is really about sometimes- peace and the fresh air. Can’t be a bad thing to get little ones outside in the fresh air as much as possible

And so here’s to a full weekend with the boys I love. Can’t wait

More to follow tomorrow
Love MFF xx

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