How to do a ZERO SPEND MONEY FREEZE Week successfully

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Have you got a “Millionaire Mindset”?

Our thoughts and actions are more powerful than we realise, and just how we choose to think could hinder your riches in life in one way or another.

How do you feel about money truly?

Do you feel stressed because you are over your head in debt, and living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to show?

Do you feel an abundance of money that you can do anything you want in life at any time?

Let’s change all that today and know the key mindset strategies you need to change how you feel about money.

Then of course it is up to you to put it into action and take control of your riches.


// Let’s try not spending money for a short time

A LOT of people are scared not to have money in their pocket every day or not spend on something.

I’m here to teach you that going up to 7 days a month without spending a single penny can truly change your mindset about money, seeing it as a tool to create your life rather than your Master.

The objective is purely to give yourself some time when you need it most to re-focus that money on better places – like a family holiday, paying off some debt quicker or a big event.

Try not to force yourself to go longer than 7 days on a spending freeze as I believe you will start to fail in your goal and resent having to not spend money.

Resenting or failing is not the outcome we want – we want to succeed and succeed well!

// What counts as not-spending?  

Anything that you would normally spend money on each week like food, transport, fun activities is out.

For those days we are trying not to spend I want you to get creative – use your cupboards and freezer for food and enjoy what you have.

Take time the day before though to stock up on the essentials like baby milk, actual milk, bread if you feel you would run out and can’t live without them for a few days.

If you don’t have milk after all – just don’t have cereal in the morning or go without a cup of tea if you need to.

Although – if a true emergency of course happens, like you must get your car fixed or you will lose your job – DO IT!

Let’s be sensible though and aim for zero spend within our control here.

How to do a Zero Spend money freeze week as a family successfull #budgeting #debtfree #smartermoney

// What do I do to start?

Pick any day and then go for it!

Perhaps even decide to go a Spend Free Weekend once a month, and use that money towards a family holiday.

Do as many free activities as you can during that spend freeze weekend such as outdoor activities, playing in the house together, making food together, dancing etc.

Use your imagination and enjoy it – and always try to plan ahead when it is your first weekend without money so you or your family don’t get bored and hit the purse and fail.

New to Investing or how to start working on your future – let me show you how here.


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// Work out your daily or weekly budget to know how much you will be saving

Reward yourself by knowing ahead of your spending freeze exactly how much money you will be saving your family ahead of time each day or week you complete successful.

This could be normally you spend up to £100 a week for food/petrol/fun – so put that aside now for a holiday or your goal event.

Have a purpose for your week or days without spending so you can celebrate this achievement.

// No spending is good for the soul once in a while

Anything where you control your nature impulses or past habits strengths your mind and focus to be less driven by what is around you, and more driven by what you want to achieve.

The kind of dedication taken to go up to 7 days without spending, if you do it regularly, will start to give you drive and focus for other areas of your life too.

Just watch!

// Plan ahead of time

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail as they always say.

Plan ahead as much as you can when you are doing anything new – so you don’t slip into old habits.

Take time to meal plan for the spending freeze days so you don’t run out of anything essential or critical.

Perhaps even use it as a time to have fun as a family trying new recipes together.

You can find lots of resources on how to meal plan on my site here, and also this great post.

Know how much money you are saving by doing it and be proud of that fact.

// Enjoy it!

Complaining and moaning is not good for your health or your mindset.

If you speak negativity all the time, or are reactive to everything in life, you will increase your stress and more likely do damage to your health in the long run.

Focus on why you want to go without spending for a short time – focus on the good it will bring in your life and it might even bring your family closer whilst you do more things that don’t involve money in exchange for it.

// How about a challenge?

Could you not complain for the next 7 days about your money mindset and instead do a task each day to change it?

Let me help you on your way with my 7 Day AutoPilot Money Challenge, a free course and workbook you can get below.

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There are only two choices between success and failure - Start or Stop - Mamafurfur Jennifer Kempson #motivationalquote #justdoit #success


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