7 FINANCIAL GOALS to Achieve In Your 30s (ADULTING 101)

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7 FINANCIAL GOALS to achieve in your 30s - Adulting 101

7 FINANCIAL GOALS to Achieve In Your 30s (ADULTING 101)

What would be the best financial goals you could set yourself as you go through your twenties and thirties – setting yourself up for a great wealthy rest of life ahead?

In this video I’m sharing with you the 7 goals that I’m glad I managed to achieve and have focused on in my thirties, and hope they are some advice to you for your situation too.

Any advice given in on my channel and videos is for information purposes only, and does not act as financial advice. Your financial decisions are your full responsibility, and if you are in any doubt, please contact a Finance adviser before undertaking any investment with your money or change to your financial activities.

We all have goals, don’t we? As I am now approaching my late 30s (39, but let’s not talk
about that), I wanted to take a look back and write a post that covers what financial goals I
think it’s great to have and reach in your 30s!

The Background

My passion, since clearing over £24,000 of debt in three years, has been to build wealth, use
money smarter and design the life I want to live. Since then, I have grown and started
Mamafurfur to help you achieve the same things.

Goal 1 – Maximise your F.E.S.T

If there is one thing to do in your 30s, that’s finding out where you want to go in your career,
and start working to make that happen. I’m a big believer in the F.E.S.T concept, which
stands for Freedom Energy Space and Time.

In your 30s, you may have started a family, or have a family on the way, so you want to
make sure that not only do you have a job you feel passionate about, which you can then
decide how much time you want to dedicate to it – possibly freeing up some time to spend
with your young or growing family.

Money isn’t the goal for this one – it’s about efficiency. Does the job you have now reflect
what you want, and where you want to be? You want your job to support you financially, but
also be something you enjoy or want to do. If that doesn’t sound like where you are at, is
there something else you could be doing? Could you maximise your skills and set up your
own business, possibly giving you the flexibility, you’ll want, and also the financial strength
you need?

Goal 2 – Financial Plan & Budget

Dare I say it? It’s time to stick to a budget, with a financial plan and goals to guide that
budget and make it happen.

There’s a saying; “if you don’t have a vision in life, you will perish”. You need something to
work towards. If you have an end goal, you’ll reach it because you can put the wheels into
motion to make it happen.

Your budget should have at least one financial goal on it. Every time you’re paid, make sure
you put something towards reaching that goal. Even if that’s £5 or £10. If you’ve been on my
YouTube channel before, you’ll have seen that one of the main videos to pop up is about
how to create a financial plan.

Money is just a tool to design life on your terms, it is not the God or the goal figure, it’s not
about hoarding it, it’s about using it to work for you and help you build the life you want.

Goal 3 – Pay Your (future) Self First

I assume you’re here because you have some interest in financial freedom, investing and
saving, so you’ll know I think you should be investing. The whole point of investing is to
generate income in the future. You give a company a bit of money now and they take that
and then as a thank you, they give you a payment of a dividend every month or quarter, if

not you could have capital appreciation on the stock you bought so it’s worth more in the

In your 30s it’s a good idea to work on these types of additional income sources, that don’t
require you to work on it, they’re just there in the background generating income for your

You have to make sure that you have your pension sorted, or at least a plan to make
pensions funding possible, see the bit about plans and goals above. Quite small
percentages like 5-10% now can make all the difference in the world and change the life
your future self will live.

Goal 4 – Bust Those Debts

If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s to use your 30s to get rid of any debt you have
in your life. Traditionally that is things like student loans, consumer debts like credit/store
cards and loans. Anything that’s high interest.

The only real way to build proper wealth is to have your outgoings equal less than your
incoming amount. If you manage to clear everything, you can then begin to focus on your
mortgage. The sooner these debts are paid off, the sooner you need less to survive and
thrive, meaning the sooner you can be financially free because that money you set aside
during Goal 3 will hopefully start to go some way to supporting the debt-free lifestyle you
now have.

Remember: debt doesn’t make you a bad person.

It was a decision made in the past – it’s just a thing. What you can do now, if you can’t get to debt-free in your 30s, is make a
promise to yourself that you won’t take on any more debts, and you’ll do everything you can
to add more money to your debt repayments to make that seemingly illusive debt-free future
happen sooner.

Goal 5 – Stop Giving Up Your Time for Money

The system has us trained that when you leave college or university you fall into the default
routine of getting a 9-to-5, earning a wage, put some money aside, and then you work to age
65 before you can even think about retiring.

The moment you realise that there’s another way to do it and to get extra money, it does
change your life. Your 20s and 30s are absolutely the best times to start thinking about
passive income.

Passive means not giving up your time for money. It means you send your money off to work
for you, or you use your skillset to create ways that money can come to you without you
having to do anything, or at the very least, you only need to do very little.

Some examples of passive income are things like; writing a book that you sell on Amazon,
then every time someone buys that book you make money in the background. Similarly,
investing does that, in theory, your investment will grow and you might even get a regular
dividend from that.

I have loads of videos on passive income on my YouTube channel, check them out here.

A goal I have set myself is that I try to create at least one form of passive income every year,
like my book, or my AutoPilot budgeting tools.

Goal 6 – No Keeping Up with The Joneses

You don’t need the latest and greatest – promise! Don’t spend your money buying the latest
iPhone if the one you already have works perfectly. That money could be invested and used
for your future. The abundant life is whatever you make it. Usually, the Joneses are far
poorer, and of course, there’s a reason people always say the rich are tight with their money.
Millionaires spend like they’re broke, and the poor spend like they’re rich.

Goal 7 – Give and Donate Regularly

If you’ve read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, you’ll know they talk about
a guy called Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie’s philosophy was that he would spend 50 years of
his life working hard and making as much money as he could, and then 50 years to get rid of

The moment you realise that money isn’t something you need to hoard away, and actually,
it’s good to pass it on and it can help others, it does change your outlook. Even just £5 will
make a difference to a charity.

It changed my life when I embraced that concept of “I have enough, and now I would like to
help someone else”, if anything it allowed me to see the circle of money is all around us, and
it isn’t scarce – money’s completely unlimited, it’s only your time that’s limited. Giving makes
you a more generous and a better person, as you’re helping to look out for others and
seeing what difference you can make in the world.

Something to remember as well, these are just my experiences in my 30s so far. Yours may
be different, and that’s okay too. The main thing is to work on you, make sure you’re happy
and you are designing the life you want to live! Finally, don’t forget to have some fun too.

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