14 Days to a Better you – Day 3

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Day 3 out of 14 has begun people 🙂 We are on a roll and not slipped to old habits yet.

Top tips I have learnt are that I really love my first drink of water in the morning, and do this now before eating or drinking anything else.  And I mean getting a good large glass of water down me.  Helps to waken me up and also feel like I have rehydrated my system well before the day begins.

Today I managed to fit in another gym session before work (on a roll there!) which was rowing 5 mins, HIIT on the running machine (1.5km in 10 mins) the kettlebells to do ab work, leg work for another 10 mins.  I really do love going to the gym and especially have found a love for running.

I recently back in May challenged myself to repeat a 5km charity run, and previous attempt before pregnancy days left me feeling that I wasn’t very fit to do it.  This time in May though as I have been trying to get fitter, I halved my original running time which was amazing.  Really feeling like I want to do another 5km run soon…watch this space!

Tonight I get the chance to meet up with my Mum and sister for a planned girls night out.  We call it our “Book Club” as we do aim to read the same book all three of us over the month, then catch up over it, but this month that sadly hasn’t happened.  I plan to eat healthy and no sweets/puddings.  And I think I can stick to it.

Not going to weigh myself till end of Day 14, but I feel better because I am motivating myself each day to work out and eat only good things.  My system feel better overall and feel more positive.  This is good stuff 🙂

Love MFF xx

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