Recipe: Arancini De Riso (Posh Risotto Bites)

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Summer is well and truly here in Glasgow and I wanted to share with you this great little recipe that my little 1yr old dude loves cos he can stick them into his mouth one after the other. Great for a picnic served cold, or pop them in the microwave for a quick lunch/dinner/snack. Fantastic for first tastes as it is simple and this recipe can be batch made and frozen in portions. This recipe makes about 25 ish or enough to feed 4-6 hungry little peeps and their mummys & daddys

MamaFurfur’s Arancini Di Riso (Posh Risotto Bites)

20140619-201845-73125530.jpgYou will need:

100g Risotto Rice

400ml of your favourite stock

one small onion chopped

3 cloves of garlic chopped finely

Handful of Frozen sweetcorn (replacement with your other favourite frozen veg cut small)

Handful of Frozen Peas (replacement with your other favourite frozen veg cut small)

Handful of Basil

Handful of your favourite hard cheese such as Cheddar or Parmesan ( We love Morrisons Mature White Cheddar)


Flour, 3 eggs, Breadcrumbs (easily made from Morrisons Medium White loaf)

Time to make – approximately 15 mins cooking, with 30 mins chill time in fridge, with 10 mins shallow frying

Follow these steps for success: 1) In a large pan, add your onions for 3 mins and slowly brown till soft on a low heat Add in your garlic now for a minute to soften, then add in all your rice 2) Cook off the rice with the onions & garlic for 2 minutues, then add in your full amount of hot stock 3) Stir thoroughly, then leave for 12-15 minutues on a low heat.  Check on the rice every so often to ensure it doesn’t dry out, and add more hot stock if needed. In the last 5 minutues or so, stir regularly.  Rice should start to absorb all the liquid and become slowly sticky 4) When the mixture is turning sticky and the rice is cooked (approximately 15 mins on the heat), stir in 30g or a good hand full of grated Morrisons White Cheddar or your own favourite hard cheese. Add in a few handfuls of your favourite small frozen vegetables to give the bites some character (kids will never know they are in there really!) 5) Remove from the heat, and spread the mixture on a large tray thinly to allow the mixture to cool down.  Place in fridge for approximately 30 mins. 6) Beat three eggs and place into a bowl, place a good handful of flour (I prefer wholewheat for a healthier option) onto a large plate, and then finally some homemade breadcrumbs from a Morrison White Loaf or alternative. 7) When your mixture has cooled down to the touch, remove and make small balls out of the rice.  You should get approximately 25 each batch. Make them bitesize for best results 8) Take each bite, and roll first in the flour, then the beaten egg, then the breadcrumbs 9) Pop each bite into a medium heat frying pan and brown until golden and crispy and contents is hot 10) Serve whilst hot with your favourite dips when they are at their best – but also wonderful to take on a picnic later that day and enjoy the Summer season! ##MorrisonsMum/Dad

The Risotto begins to take shape


Leave to cool for 30 mins post cooking

Risotto Bites - Mamafurfur

Ready to shallow fry and turn into something summer-y and bite sized!

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