#EarlyBirdChallenge : Can a Mama wake up even earlier and find benefit? Follow-up Part 2

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What did you do with your morning?

I have really enjoyed many aspects of getting up slightly earlier than I normally used to, mainly I have found great pleasure and content in the stillness of the house with no noise and just letting the day slowly start.

Now our little Dude has a solid sleeping pattern of predictable timings (7pm until around 6.30am), I know that by getting up by half 6 at the very latest, and so I have been using the blessing of having a great sleeping pattern of my little one to my advantage.  For the past few months now, I have been getting up at least 5 days a week at 6am to gently start the day and get ready for the world.  Sometimes this has simply been to go down and make a cup of tea before coming back to bed to sit peacefully and content; other times I will have tried to sort my lunch for work or perhaps even do some exercise and really make the morning count.

All in all though, when you start your day without too much delay, you find that you sleep better at night and have structure to your day that means more of the time is filled with making a difference.

Often in those moments the world can still feel very much asleep where we live and be making myself a drink and taking a few moments to look out at the street where only a few house lights are on already – it makes you feel peaceful and calm.

Structure in your daily is a wonderful thing, and I know whenever I am feeling poorly or low, the first thing I want to do is sleep in and sleep the day away.  But ironically when you are ok in the world and you wake up later than you would like, the whole world seems to be in a rush and panic and you are stressed just clock watching and wishing more time in the day again.  It really is funny how time can make such a difference to us mentally.

I have really enjoyed making a very definite effort with my Early mornings these past few months, and glad I took up the challenge.  With anything, habits are formed were we find that we like the outcomes – and so I look forward to getting better at waking early and enjoying the day more.

What would you change about your mornings currently?  Could you take the #EarlyBirdChallenge and find a difference too?

Love MFF xx

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