What I learned this Christmas 2014….

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Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year, and certainly it has been one that has brought many new things into our lives for sure.

This year, our family has gone from two incomes down to one, and that brings with it culture shocks, panic and then blind hope and faith as to when two incomes will become the normal again.  Throw in trying to balance family life, and then Christmas comes along and all that you are “Suppose” to do… and there you go…it becomes a whole heap of fun fun fun – but it teaching you a hell of a lot of life skills along the way too.

Money isn’t everything.  Period. We know this, but we forget it so easily.  And I have learnt that jobs and financial security aren’t guaranteed in life for anyone now.  This means you save as much as you can when the harvest is there as you don’t know when the famine will come.  And if it doesn’t…holiday time :O)

Seriously though, this Christmas we did more meaningful experiences together such as simply going for more walks, spending time together and doing things for others.  I learnt the value of food and money to have that food on the table.  I believe we are eating better, as with less money you need to learn to shop smarter and better.  This means I am a regular at the discounted sections in all the supermarkets, and we end up with far more excitement seeing what else I can find.

This Christmas with my new found love of a bargain, we have created a few new traditions too.  Christmas Eve we found out that Real Christmas trees go on sale in a few outdoor shops as cheap as £1 (THAT IS CRAZY!) so every year we now plan to go out together and get a real tree and decorate it together as part of the warm up to Christmas.  You can’t beat that excitement and beauty of a real tree…and I have loved it in our home.

This Christmas morning we also went for a family walk with the Grandparents and cousins, which was breath-taking to see the quiet peaceful glistening world with no traffic and people smiling as they walked past us all.  This will become a new family tradition without doubt – it was reflective and wonderful.  Perfect for any busy Christmas Day!

Our Little one is now at the age where he is aware of presents opening and new toys, and seeing the mass of new things people gave him, makes me want to be sure in future he gets lovely things but only some.  We don’t need to give children all the gifts in all the land to make them happy.  They want our time and our love.

New Year seems to bring out the best intentions in people, and no doubt I will have a list as long as my arm of things I want to achieve this year, but I will always cherish this Christmas as the one that taught me to be thankful for all I have already, rather than wish for more “stuff”.

Look forward to another exciting year ahead for us all

Love MFF xx

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