#blogmas We have two teeth….and can roll!

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#blogmas Day 7 today is upon us, and last night something wonderful happened….. baby boy has two teeth it would appear, and suddenly taught himself how to roll over.  At 20 weeks old (5 months nearly), I just didn’t see it coming and of course take full credit for his ability to grow teeth and develop.  It’s all nurture rather than nature ;O)

Each day our toddler when he wakes up does one thing that makes me smile – I often bring his baby brother in to see him and say hello and they will have a hug.  But for a few weeks now, Nathan (the toddler) has been making sure he tells me that Sam (the baby) has grown in the night but isn’t yet as big as him.  This morning made a change though as Nathan told me that he had grown in the night and was now bigger than me, which might not be hard for some, but made me smile endlessly.

Everything for little people is progress, and almost if there isn’t a day where they learn something new or say something new or ask a new question about the world – we start to panic.

So at what age does that all stop?

What age do we stop wanting to learn something new and question life?

Does it happen when we leave behind school and enter mainstream life where other demands are put ahead of our growth and development?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself and trying to push myself to grow or learn something or do something different as many days as I can.  Often with children the easy excuse is that we can’t as we are a Mother/Wife/Too busy but what are we busy doing really?

I’m going to take time to try and do things a little differently today and to grow, so that when Nathan checks tomorrow all three of us have grown a little overnight ;O)

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