#blogmas Trying to look after my body

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#blogmas Day 9 and the month of December is flying past again!

This week I have been highly focused on my well-being as part of my Happiness Project, and this has meant trying to eat consistently slow-carb meals and visit the gym three times this week.  Those were my goals and I’m happy to say I’m achieving them so far.  Not that it doesn’t require thought and motivation, as food alone is something that I always think I am rubbish at – so it takes motivation and much more thought that normal as I want to make sure all mouths in the house are cater for not just mine.

But I am pleased to say that I feel I am getting there and into my groove.  Getting back into fitness isn’t easy post baby – your body doesn’t feel like your own yet and certainly my tummy is still very dumb around my C-Section scar (it’s second time opening and closing so I’m not surprised it is taking longer to heal this time) and that is strange.  But each day I can see progress and my only hope is that by the end of January I can see noticable changes in my body, I’m not asking for miracles just enough to give me the gold star I need to feel like I’m doing some good.

Ironically, eating better and exercising should be programmed into our souls, as they will make us last the journey stronger and more capable – but it is always the thing in modern society we take for granted and overlook as being a key element to our happiness.  Today I took about an hour to prep ahead for some meals (large pot of soup and homemade spag bolg) that even my weaning baby can enjoy all mashed and smoothed out.  Food is simple if you make it simple for everyone and try not to stress too much about it I’m learning slowly but surely.

I find that I have about 10-15 “go to” dinners that the recipes are embedded into my soul, that we all enjoy and are easy to make from my prospective, but when I try to make something new – the results are usually mixed.  I think it is because I always get nervous at what the results might be, or I use too many pans and hate the cleanup :O) post all the excitement.  The one thing I love is my slow cooker as I have said time and time again, and really it is a god-send as most of the best meals come from there.  For example even right now the spag bolg is slowing sitting there cooking away until we eat it in various sittings tonight (babies first then adults).

I must try to remember how good it feels to look after the basics of food, health and other simple things each day – as it fills my soul with a little more happiness than I realise.


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