#blogmas A nice simple recipe for just a day as today

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#blogmas Day 6 has arrived and looking out at the Scottish world where we live at lunch time, you think it was nearly bedtime with the darkness in the sky and little sunlight.

Now don’t get me wrong, winter is my favourite time of year – but you are understand why some people suffer with S.A.D. at this time of year, or simply the winter blues.  The weather and lack of sun can do funny things to the brain and certainly make it feel gloomy.  But never fear as Mamafurfur is here to brighten that all up with a simple homemade soup recipe, as something a little different to share today.

I hope you enjoy xx


MamaFurfur’s Homemade Veg based Soup

You will need:

500ml hot water

1 stock cube of a flavour you would prefer (I often use veg or chicken)

Handful of Red lentils

Handful of Chopped frozen Red or White Onion

4 or 5 whole chopped Carrots

Any cold meats left overs or other veg you want to throw in to use up!

  • What to do

1) Put a little Olive oil (I use spray olive oil just to give a light small amount rather) and place a handful of chopped onion into a large pan.

2) On a medium heat, soften the onions for a few minutes until they take on a soft golden colour (this adds flavour!)

3) Chop 4 or 5 whole carrots and thrown them in to start to cook slightly and soften for another 3-4 minutes

4) Now add in a handful of Red Lentils and stir for a few minutes again.

5) To 500ml of boiling water, add your favourite stock cube and now add the stock to the veg cooking away.

6) Leave on a low heat to bubble for approximately 15 minutes, checking every so often to stir and not burn.

7) Remove from heat for approximately 10 minutes to cool down

8) You can choose to blend your soup there to a smooth consistency or leave it chunky.

9) Finally throw in some left over cooked meats, such as ham or chicken for a little extra taste, or perhaps some frozen peas or small veg.

10) Serve warm from freshly made or can last up to 2 days in the fridge and reheat as needed.



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