#blogmas Bedtime magic

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#blogmas Welcome to Blogmas 2016 Day 8 here on Mamafurfur and thank you for joining us again today.

Last night was magical in our house at bedtime, firstly little dude slept till 6.30am rather than 5.30am like he has done the past few weeks (mini victory for Mummy!) but we also got the first storytime together before each boy going to bed.  Our house has quite a set routine for bedtime and has done for years now with our eldest.  It just works for him and for us.

Bathtime is usually around 6pm post dinner, then we go upstairs for bathtime.  Both boys are bathed together and then usually we return back downstairs for some Cbeebies quiet time (if such a thing exists) and bedtime milk for all.  Usually little dude is snoring in my arms by the end of his milk, but last night he seemed to gain a new lease of life! And so upstairs by about 7pm we all went for storytime as normal.   Our eldest adores books and each night we read to him at least two books from his collection.  He adores it, and usually asks for the same books days in days in a row, but that is part of the fun.

Something is so magically in the quiet moments when I get a chance to look round at the three happy faces of my boys and biggest boy, just being in the moment together.  For a long time in my life I never thought I would be a mother through nature’s design – and Motherhood is hard work, it is far more demanding than any job and puts me into more stress than most things in life – but I am so thankful that life is not so demanding outside of our family that I miss these precious moments together.

I can’t wait for the next bedtime story to come along tonight to see if the magic is still there.

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