#Blogmas We can’t have a real tree in our house

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We can’t have a real tree in our house.  We have cats instead.

Anyone with pets or perhaps even cats in particular will understand the never ending dilemma which faces the owners each holiday season – do we risk putting up a tree for it to potentially last all season untouched OR do we realise again that any attempts at decorating and putting up said tree will result in approximately only 24 hours of a tree lasting in the house?

This year we probably won’t take the risk and that is ok.

So instead we have ventured into the world of outdoor Christmas lights and merriment and it is a wonderful heart-warming thing.

As a child, I loved to take the short drive into Glasgow town with my parents in the car to go round George Square and look at the annual Glasgow Christmas lights filling the sky and moving as if by magic all in time.  It was magical and one of my fondest memories of the season is all the lights and wonder it can bring.  Nothing fails to bring a smile to my face still at this holiday season each year is to look and see all the local homes that are lit up and all the effort that families and people have gone to.   And having a toddler makes me love it even more, as he can’t help but point them out and gaze in amazement.  We should never forget that joy and wonder that can come from something so simple and beautiful.

So this Christmas season, we have stripped back on the presents slightly and are giving presents with thought behind them, quality over quantity hopefully, so that the items are cherished rather than simply a house even more crammed with “stuff” for the sake of the season. I am excited to see what how we will feel on Christmas day with the change in presents this year, and if it will be something we keep up for more years to come.

So in line with my happiness project, today Friday 2nd December, I have thoroughly enjoyed purchasing some bright and wonderful Christmas outdoor lights and a huge inflatable Christmas tree – and maybe even one or two smiles might be the result as people drive past our home tonight and for the next few weeks.  Well it certainly is making my family smile, and that is good enough….until the electricity bill comes in!

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