Should we or shouldn’t we?

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I’ve reached another milestone this week – I made it to that big 20 week mark in my second (correct) pregnancy so the choice is upon us now….to find out the gender or not?

Whenever you have conversations in life before that 5 month mark and scan, that is the killer question that everyone seems to ask “Are you finding out if it’s a boy or girl?”.  A question that people are fascinated to know which side of the “I love a surprise” OR “I prefer to know ahead of time” that you fall.

For us, our blended family is dominated by boys, boys, and more boys – so I’m going to say that to hope for something different feels natural just to add mixture to the family life.

Quite a few babies around me are due or about to appear, and I actually feel quite jealous of the people who seem to not make the gender reveal choice a big must happen event.  I can completely agree that to wait 9 months and then have an added joy of finding out it is a girl or boy when you get to meet the little dude in person, helps to make the experience of birth a little sweeter.

Maybe it also helps to wait until the birth to find out so you don’t decide on a name and give the unborn baby a personality yet?  Maybe it is a way to safe guard just in case nature has other plans before that 40 week journey is over?  For whatever the reason though, I do wish I had the patience but then I also like to look forward to things without too many surprises thrown in.

And so, this time tomorrow we shall know the gender, and it is really very exciting if I am being honest.  I feel little muscle movements throughout my day (usually after sweet treats) and to see another scan where the little person is doing alright in there will be lovely.

After all, the journey of 9 months seems to rush past in the grand scheme of things but it is one to still enjoy where you can.  And enjoy the moments that no one can take from you, such as announcements of a pregnancy, gender or even planned due date (if you have a C-section ahead).

Would you want to find out the gender mid-way through Pregnancy or do you think it is better to wait and see?  Answers on a postcard on this one….

Love MFF xx

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