Why it has been mighty quiet recently…..

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Well it feels like an eternity since I had the a) time b) will c) something to say on the blog – but actually truth be told, I’ve had lots but just struggled to write it down.

Life has been pretty busy since the last time I blog, namely this seems to have happened….

I’M PREGNANT AGAIN (Correctly this time, with reference to my ectopic miscarriage in August 2014).  And here is the first official photo of the little bundle of joy itself:


You see, when you have a miscarriage in your fertility life, it means that you then panic when you (if you ever) fall pregnant again.  I was automatically on “look out” mode for the first 8 or 9 weeks or so for any signs that things were going to go wrong like the last time.  This pregnancy however due to the miscarriage, I was lucky enough to have an early scan at 6 weeks which showed the little sac growing (in the right place this time, not my right tube!) and with a heartbeat.

The picture above is from our 12 weeks scan, and I waited until then before telling the world I was pregnant.  It’s that old wives tale of “just in case” so that if anything doesn’t happen the way it should – you don’t need to “un-tell” the world and their aunt & uncle.

Thankfully this time, we are doing well.

Things I have learnt this time being pregnant, and now 18 weeks as such:

  1. Morning sickness that lasts all day long and means you can’t eat much all day long and night long SUCKS BEYOND BELIEF especially over Christmas and New Year.  The sickness definitely wasn’t this bad first time round for sure!
  2. I don’t enjoy pregnancy much at the very start, and wasn’t until the sickness feeling passed about week 12 that I’m now in my groove with it. Finally! But this is my last pregnancy once all goes to plan – I’m getting too old :O) for this shizzle and independent!
  3. There are NO DECENT MATERNITY clothes out there it feels.  I managed to hold off until week 15 before absolutely needing to get something big/large/tent like to cover my belly at least so I don’t show off my tummy every 5 seconds when moving, but the amount of smock like clothes is awful.  Does anyone make anything that makes you look half-decent?? PLEASE FASHION WORLD HELP ME!!!
  4. You have to enjoy your rest time, as second time (and any other times) round with children already on the scene – you ain’t getting much rest pet!  It’s non-stop with a toddler around, but to be honest I’m kinda glad he is old enough to talk and walk and entertain.
  5. I think I’m easier to get on with this pregnancy as I’ve done it before and know what is ahead of me.  Basically you enjoy each day where you can touch your toes and cut your toenails still.  That will become a luxury I know!
  6. I’m very much likely to know the birthdate again this time – as with Baby 1 being a C-Section, I can ask again for it.  This is not a birthing strategy by the way for many many babies – the risks go up the more you have.
  7. My babies will be roughly 3 yrs apart in age – that seems like a good solid age gap and one I can cope with.  Toddler will be at nursery this year when I’m on maternity leave, so that helps balance life.  That is really a large enough age gap still to like each other growing up (I hope!)
  8. This will very much be my last baby, and brings out extended blended family to a total of 5 children to provide for.  That is quite enough for one Mama to cope with, plus I want to still enjoy it :O)

My next scan will be in a few short weeks where we have decided to find out whether it is a boy or girl, I hate surprises, and that will be great.  I have my secret wish, but let’s see if I’m right.  Ultimately if the laws of the forces can just keep us healthy and growing – I’m good.

I might even v-blog about that very information event!

Lots to look forward to in future months I’m sure, so stay tuned!

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Love MFF xx



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