Week 1 of “Run Mama Run!”

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I find the only way I achieve something good sometimes is to set myself a challenge that seems a little bit on the crazy scale, a little bit just possible.

This May my sister and I have come up with the concept of a “Marathon May” effort – we will run/walk/cycle/jump (whatever way we can) to a total of at least 26 miles/42.1km during May to raise money for the Accord Hospice who are helping a family we know deal with a tough time.  There is no chance of us being able to complete a marathon in one go, despite the best wishes in the world, so instead we will do as many 5km or smaller runs/walks during the month to make the grand total.

This is our first week almost over in May 2017 – and we completed a great family 5km run at Culzean Castle Country park with the skies blue and sun shining.  A thoroughly well run event and good fun that was just the starting event we needed to get us into the spirit of things.

Outside of main charity runs, we will use our own time to make up roughly a 5km run/walk/cycle each 4 day period.

My weapon of choice is the bike at my favourite gym right now City Park Fitness @thefitnessgrp who offer a great range of the latest technology equipment and young vibarate environment to make working out at my lunchtime breaks at work a delight! Without that gym, I don’t think I would feel fit right now and a true joy to use.  Check out their website for more info here!

So the running totals are:

Jennifer (Mamafurfur) = 5km charity run + run planned for tomorrow of 5km on my own (sick for five days this week)= 10km in Week 1

Gillian = 5km charity run + 2km gym run + 1 km walk + run planned for tomorrow of 5km (Park Run) = 13km in Week 1

If you feel inspired to join us on this challenge, please do! Or even better take two mins to head to our JustGiving page and make a small donation with a free fiver you have:


Truly we appreciate it….Let’s make May our Marathon month!

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