Thoughtful Thursday – Reflections at the start of 2015

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This week’s “Thoughtful Thursday” is a reflection on my week so far, particular as my style of fitness and health has changed.

As you might have seen on the blog this week, I’ve kick started my fitness head on and giving things a right good go. My Instagram & Twitter are now complete with pictures of food I’ve been eating, and Protein Shakes waiting to be drunk.

I’ve been a regular gym attendee since January last year, however this year, I’m stepping it up a knotch and trying to do 4-5 HIIT sessions a week plus extra weight training in a bid to tone up once and for all. I have no idea what the coming year might bring for me, but I want to get into my best shape fast so that I can feel ready for it!

Thursday is my official workout rest day, as every other day of the week I have a goal for a workout I want to do either before or after working life (proper work or home life). This week to date I’m proud that I have completed my goals each day, with HIIT at 6am on Monday followed by Kettle Bell training at night with my hubbie; Tuesday was Kettle bells at night and yesterday was the first of my one hour/week Personal Trainer sessions at the Gym.

I had also stepped up my eating and drinking patterns so that it is as good as I can be. This meant giving up caffeine drinks where possible and drinking lots more water. My choices over foods are the exact same freedom as I have always had, only I am trying to be wiser with what I make. So for example, the best time to have carbs is post a workout when your body is using it all up. So if I wanted carbs, I would try and hold out till I had done my workout. It is simple but hard work as I had the expected headaches withdrawal from what I used to eat & drink. Crazy isn’t it? Your body appears to function fine when you are eating rubbish until you take it away and it feels like you are falling apart?

I was really impressed with taking up the challenge of a Personal Trainer this week, and having a shared 1hr session each week with my sister. Sometimes it can seem a bit daunting as you expect a Drill Sargent who will force you against your will to exercise, but not this case.

Yesterday we covered everything from weight lighting some serious weights, kettle bells, rowing, sprint training – you name it – at the time it was hell….but afterwards I am not as sore as I thought and actually really glad we are doing it. I might not be so happy next week when the next one comes around…but hoping that each week I see myself change in the mirror with results. I will even get measurements taken to see exactly what is happening to my shape, which will be quite eye opening to see in black and white.

I’ve also been in the past week making most of our food from scratch – making bread rolls and even mayonnaise as some random things to note. Testimony came of my outlook on food changing when I wanted to pick up a simple loaf of bread to store in the freezer, but automatically turned it over to read the ingredients. I was shocked to see how much “random stuff” is in there, when I know it takes 4 or 5 ingredients max to make my homemade version. I ended up putting it down right away….how crazy is that? Previously I wouldn’t have even glanced at the ingredients but now I am thinking about exactly what we are eating and putting inside our bodies.

I’m not saying that I’m going to manage to make everything we eat, but definitely want to try and use less and less processed items simply even if it is to stretch food budgets and get some benefits.

So it has been a busy educational week for me in terms of exercise and culinary skills indeed, but one week that hopefully is the start of many similar ones.

If you want to see my progress with fitness for the next few months ahead, please feel free to follow me on Twitter & Instagram @mamafurfur

Have a great rest of week!

Love MFF xx


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