This Mama’s next Chapter: Project 100 days

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During August this year, I found out I was carrying an Ectopic pregnancy in my right tube.

Skip forward through the next 5 weeks and we are at this point – I’ve had strong medication to allow my body to dissolve and repair from the pregnancy that was growing dangerously in me, and along with that medicine comes terms and conditions:

The next 3 months, or as I will put it, the next 100 days need to involve no pregnancy pressures on my body to allow the medicine time to leave my body fully.  If I took a chance anyway, then it is very likely there would be serious impairments on the pregnancy, and that just isn’t worth the gamble in my eyes.

I have decided rather than feel sad or reflect negatively on the past situation – one that was completely out with my control but nature only –

I wish to make the next 100 days dedicated to becoming the healthiest version of me that I can

(and perhaps even the ones I love around me).

During these next 100 days I am going to explore and put into action healthier eating, better fitness, set myself fitness goals and achieve them, improve any stress levels, and shape my life how I have always wanted it to be.  Ultimately, the happiest healthiest version of me involves not only food and exercise, but a healthy happy mind too.

I have no idea what challenges or changes I might see over the next 100 days, but I do know that in 114 days Christmas is here (no no no) and on Christmas Day I hope there is no better gift than seeing a change in myself to be proud of.

Over the next few days as the project gets underway, I will be researching ideas that I hope to put into practice such as sleeping habits, goals for myself that might push me beyond my comfort levels etc and will blog about them to share with the world.

Today’s task – to shake up daily life through improving just this week’s meal plan, sleep and putting together an exercise plan.

As I’m currently on sick leave this week, due to recovery from the medication and pregnancy, I want to make this time where I can sit and read/write and rest to the very best of my abilities.

It is going to be an exciting time ahead….

Love MFF xx


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