Family Holiday review: First Choice Holiday Village Majorca

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This year we have been very lucky with some help of a “returning back to work after maternity leave” bonus, and this provided the finances we needed to take a wonderful week long holiday in Majorca.

This isn’t the first time we have been away with our young Dude, now aged 15 months, but it is the first time that truly we needed some “family” expectations met by the holiday – and I don’t believe we were let down by the holiday package at all.

We choose the lovely First Choice Holiday Village Majorca

Reasons for this being that with our little Dude now fully walking around, and fully engaged in life, we felt we needed more daily activities such as the possibility of a Creche, a great kids pool, great food, and a great class of room to stay in.

  • Accommodation – 4.9/5 stars

We were lucky enough to afford in our budget the wonderful Family Duplex room. This was truly outstanding!  It was a two level room, normal double bed and cot in one bedroom, pull-out bed in living room area, with very modern toilet/shower.  However, upstairs is where the true joy was found.  We had our own private outdoor shower, lounging area, lounging bed, and outdoor Jacuzzi.  The VERY BEST part was the area was completely enclosed (a glass sliding door separates upstairs from the stairs) so we could go up there as a family and little Dude could play happily in the sun or shade whilst we all relaxed without fear of falling.  This was such a great experience as we would shower upstairs in the beautiful sunshine, play in the shower, play in the Jacuzzi or simply allow him to play with his toys with us on the large surface floor.  At night of course, nothing was better than the baby monitor on – and Husband and I got a chance to watch the night sky in the jacuzzi.  Total total bliss!

Only down side of the accommodation in my view was for younger babies, there wasn’t the room or kitchen space you need to prep bottles or luxury of having the ability to feed young people in the room.

  • Facilities – 4.5/5 stars

This hotel was wonderful for all ages of family, and really even people who wanted to enjoy the holiday who don’t have children.  The pools, a total of 3 proper pools and then one dedicated “Splash Area” were never too busy and completely well looked after.  In terms of children’s needs – there was one Kid’s pool with things to climb, slide on, crawl around and water not much more than 5 inches or so deep.  Wonderful fun, but definately needs supervision for small kids.

The second was the “Splash Area” for exclusively under 2 yrs, but it was so much fun even for parents.  It was a completely flat area with water shooting flowers, water sprays and water guns for all kids to enjoy running through the water and sharing laughs.  Parents could watch children who are able to walk on their own no problem without fear of them needing Parent there holding hand.  No depth of water at all, and our little Dude loved making all the elements work and exploring.  This was excellent and nothing like it have I experienced before.  My little Dude was smiling constantly!  Well done First Choice!

  • Food – 3/5 stars

As with all First Choice holidays, we were on All Inclusive, which is fantastic as you spend little or no money then on holiday potentially.  Food choice was good and a buffet style, basic sometimes, but had a dedicated children’s section which was very thoughtful.  For me personally, I would have liked to see more variety each day, but there was generally something for all to enjoy – and everyone including our little Dude who eats normal food anyway was well fed the whole time.

  • Extras and My Family Tips

We decided to hire a car for the whole week in Majorca, this was our best new idea for holidays and one we will continue I believe.  We paid extra for taking our own little car seat for little Dude (as car seats tend to be basic from Car rental places) and picked up the car at the Majorca airport.

Firstly, having the car meant that we could drive ourselves directly from the airport and back, so with our little Dude we needed need to worry about a tired grumpy child having to sit on our knee for endless drop offs before getting to our hotel; and secondly, as I was recovering from an ectopic pregnancy, we had a back up plan to ensure I could get to a Dr or Hospital if needed.

The car was a great asset to the holiday, as we used it most days for little outings outside the complex such as to the local Petting Zoo, trip to Port de Pollensa, trip to Palma, it was all wonderful and felt we were completely able to explore the island and enjoy our break.  Husband was wonderful at driving on the wrong side of the road, so we had no concerns at all.  Definitely will do this again!  Peace of mind with kids for sure.


Overall, this holiday was outstanding and I definitely would recommend the hotel choice and going with First Choice.  Majorca is a wonderful small island with so much to offer (we simply couldn’t get to as much as we wanted to do) and for all ages (there is water parks, Pirate entertainment nights all ready for when we have older children).  Truly having had a few holidays with little Dude where things didn’t feel like I had all the bases I wanted covered, such as lack of activities for him and accommodation not quite up to the mark, this was one of the best experiences we have had as a family.  Worth the money completely!  Be sure to check out the other rooms on offer at the hotel, but the Duplex Family Room was out of this world 

Love MFF xx

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