Outwith your comfort zone : The Major Series 10km challenge

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Another fun filled busy weekend in the Mamafurfur Household this weekend saw another lifetime achievement made – and one that I probably wouldn’t do again, but glad I did.

This year I have been focusing on my fitness as best as I can, with efforts in the Gym by weight training/cardio and also doing more physically challenges.  Why?  Life is too short and other people seem to be able to do it so what is stopping me?  Well, that is easy….usually I’m not setting myself any big goals like that.

My husband had been asked by his brother in law if he wanted to take part in The Major Series 10K Scotland and agreed, seeing it as a great challenge to do for fun and I thought nothing more of it.  Back when he signed up, I honestly thought to myself 10km race in normal conditions was out with my comfort zone and not possible (I’m not a runner) and I just couldn’t do such a thing.

How wrong I was?  As with about 10 days to go before the race, my husband wanted nothing more than me to take part with him together.  Very sweet actually, but completely scared me to not only do ANOTHER 10km race (my second in a matter of weeks) but this time with lots of obstacles along the way making it physically more demanding.

I’m not going to lie – right up until we arrived at the race location – I didn’t want to do it.  My husband had been involved in a car accident a few days beforehand and had got whiplash, and so we had all the excuses we needed not to take part.  It was raining like only Scottish weather can provide – every single angle possible and every form of rain possible – and still at the very last moment I didn’t want to do it.


However, in those moments, you realise you are going to take part and complete it.  Why?  Because completing these types of challenges makes you stronger and more capable of doing things in future.

And so I did just that.  I completed the course, but I’m not sharing the time, but it was completed none the less.  It isn’t the same as doing a running 10km race as it is more about taking part and doing outdoor obstacles you would never get the chance to do again.  We’re talking huge water slides, electric wire obstacles that give you a shock if you touch them by accident as you crawl around them, in and through mud so deep it was up to my c-section scar (fun times washing afterwards)…and the list goes on!  It was crazy!  But the best bit was that my husband was right by my side for this physical challenge and kept me going.

I think my final challenge for these few months will likely be my next 5km charity run in a few weeks time, but I am so thankful that I am doing things nearly every few weeks that truly test my comfort zone.  Now time for a rest soon I think…….perhaps….


Love MFF xx

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