#blogmas Last minute Unique Gift Guide for the people you love

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#blogmas Day 16 is here, and sometimes you end up rushing around at the last minute trying to find “great meaningful” gifts for the ones who matter most.

So here are my top suggestions for unique gifts to give the people you love, ideally they are for families with children to enjoy as that is my current area of expertise in my own life.

We adore our NTS membership as a family, and I have mentioned and blogged about our adventures often on my blog and vlog channel.  We are blessed to have a good few locations very close to us within an hour or so commute, with even three in about 20 minutes driving distance away, and it is the prefect all-year round gift I believe you can give a family or person to use.  There is nothing better for the soul than being out exploring either the NTS country parks or properties.  My parents took us away countless times to NTS sites growing up, and hands down it was my favourite memory with good fun back into nature and exploring.  And for less than the price of a single cinema ticket for a month’s membership for a family of 2 adults and up to 4 children – you cannot beat it!   You can follow our NTS adventures on my Twitter feed too.

  • Magazine Subscription (using such sites as ISubscribe)

This is a wonderful surprise for anyone, and a gift I have completed in the past for people.  Find out what subject the person you care about enjoys as a hobby or passion, find a magazine they might like, and set them up for a fully-paid subscription for perhaps 6 months or a year.  And the best bit is – Don’t tell them beforehand!  You will of course need to know their address details, but nothing is more wonderful that flicking through a brand new printed magazine on your favourite topic straight to your door.  Whether you love fly-fishing or enjoy punk rock music – this one is a great and easy present idea certain to be received with joy.

Most people in the UK live with the basics to survive – shelter and food in our bellies.  But at Christmas we do want to remember that we are the lucky ones compared to a large amount of the world, and one area you can help is to support the basic need of having a toilet to use for millions of people who need it most.

Toilet Twinning is the organisation that lets you do that for a small price – and you will even receive a framed photo of the toilet you have sponsored so you can display it proudly in your…you guessed it…toilet.

A wonderful fun concept and making a difference for a unique gift!

Most people love a trip to the cinema to see the latest adventures, but why not give them a monthly membership that allows them to go as many times as their heart desires in the next year.  We have had a membership for “date night” purposes as a couple, and the great thing is that we even got discount off the local restaurants just by showing our membership cards too! So date night became even more affordable for us to enjoy every week.  I can remember as a student back in early 2000’s going to the cinema sometimes two or three times a week after lectures, so if you know any students this might be the perfect gift for them to enjoy (and wouldn’t dream of suggesting they miss lectures to go to the cinema of course).

We thoroughly enjoyed our yearly membership as for family trips to see the latest kids movies, we were able to take the whole family for only a small addition cost rather than purchase a full family ticket.  A lovely unique present for any person or family.


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